Fragrance & Beyond: Curating Luxurious Elixirs At Affordable Prices

Pankaj Khubani & Taru Khubani,Co-FoundersPreviously perceived as a commodity of the affluent, fragrance and perfumes today are impeccably enjoying the widespread use amidst the modern throng. Having undergone transformation stages for umpteen times in terms of technique, material and style over the ages, its present day market is overwhelmed with numerous small and exclusive fragrance brands. And of course, the rising trend of buying a designer perfume can bring one an unparalleled joy when it comes to treating one's senses to a new scent. However, with their urge for buying the fragrant products, people are primarily concerned about the constituents, its naturality, and skin-friendliness. Offering such premium quality, naturally extracted and formulated perfumes & fragrances is Fragrance & Beyond, a Gurgaon-based fragrance boutique.

Right from the centuries ago till date, the story behind the constantly changing form of perfumes is significantly interesting. In the recent times, people have become more keen about hygiene and personal care, which is why today, perfumes & fragrances have become an irreplaceable part of human life, followed by luxury of using it on different occasions. Hence, when Pankaj Khubani & Taru Khubani (Co-Founders) realized it, they worked together to build a homegrown brand that offers affordable range of perfumes of international quality, thus establishing Fragrance & Beyond in 2018. What differentiates the company from its peer competitors in the industry is its products which are unique, toxin-free, innovative and personalized as per needs. Attaining a
profusion of different fragrances, the company is increasingly aimed at manufacturing products that are toxin-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free, contemplating the pleasure and segmented preference of consumers (gender-based, unisex & others).

Fragrances That Quantify Personality
Fragrance & Beyond is an online fragrance boutique that deals with fragrances for bath, body and home. Imbibing 20 years of experience in perfume & deodorant industry and having worked in FMCG industry, Pankaj has established this company that incorporates creativity, mystique and stimulation along with marketing to appeal to the masses. "We not only offer products, but create distinct fragrance memories that are long lasting and full of character. Our formulations are created in France, but we carefully handpick all the ingredients keeping in mind the climatic conditions of India. We use pure grain alcohol and infuse them with natural essential oils to create our perfumes. We use very high perfume concentration for long lasting effect and our formulations are free from animal testing and extracts," says Taru.

Customizing fragrances for individual clients and events, be it candles, cosmetics products, perfumes to be given as gifts for weddings, special occasions or corporate gifts, the company has acquired an inimitable recognition. Assisted by the GMP & ISO certified manufacturing facilities, Fragrance & Beyond has best-in-class QCs in place, where its team of perfumers produce unique and timeless creations. In its endeavour to provide one with a friendly, safe and secure environment to source fragrant products, this startup follows a complete online business model and is listed on various e-Commerce platforms. As experiencing the fragrances has always been the biggest challenge for consumers shopping online, Fragrance & Beyond simplifies it through sampling, where customers can buy and try samples. Apart from perfume production, it is also involved in production of aromatic products like soap, candles, room fresheners and lotions.

What differentiates the company from its peer competitors in the industry is its products which are unique, toxin-free, innovative and personalized as per needs

Thanks to such innovative products and marketing measures, the company reaps 50 percent YoY growth and views a promising future ahead. Constantly working on new developments based on market gap, new trends and customer feedback, Fragrance & Beyond aspires to build a loyal customer base PAN India, popularizing its affordable luxury fragrances.