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  • Top 10 Perfume & Fragrance Companies - 2020

    Despite being at a nascent stage, the fragrance market in India remains very tricky. However, it is predicted that the Indian deodorants market will grow at a CAGR of 15 percent through 2017-2022 while the fragrances segment will amount to $306.7 million in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 5.5 percent through 2020-2023. This will be due to the increasing number of consumers altering their lifestyle and adapting the luxurious fragrances in their daily personal grooming regime. Scents create personal statements about the person wearing it and people even start identifying a person with the fragrance he/she carries. Hence selecting a perfume from the lot available will become a passé. With time it will be all about bespoke fragrances that you create with the perfume experts. And the...

Top 10 Perfume & Fragrance Companies - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Baccarose Perfumes & Beauty Chandru R, Deputy General Manager A synonymous with international fragrance, skincare and cosmetic brands, the company has to its credit the very first fragrance counter in a departmental store in India and offers over 40 brands
Bel Avenir Bel Avenir Asif Khan, Sales Manager Creator of amazing scent sensations proffering an array of affordable & accessible high quality alternatives to overpriced fragrances in the market
CKC Fragrances CKC Fragrances Rishabh Kothari, CEO A leading player in the sensory market of smell offering a large repertoire of fragrances for a varied range of applications
Deon Pro Corporation Deon Pro Corporation Haroon, Founder & CEO Manufacturing luxurious and premium quality fragrances from natural resources for all segments of society within reasonable prices
Flavaroma Flavaroma Dr.Suvidhi Varia, Chairman & MD Emerged as a reckoning names in the flavour & fragrance industry with niche expertise in creatin an array of fantastic products
Fragrance & Beyond Fragrance & Beyond Pankaj Khubani & Taru Khubani, Co-Founders A unique fragrance boutique that uses natural extracts & toxin-free ingredients to produce affordable yet premium quality products
Kanha Nature Oils Kanha Nature Oils Piyush Gupta, Founder & CEO Incepted with the motive to provide best quality raw materials and ingredients to the flavor and fragrance industry, the company manufactures and trades natural essential oils, spice oils, rectified essential oils, isolates, exotic herbal oils and more
Keva Perfumes & Fragrances Keva Perfumes & Fragrances Medha Tawde Bhagat, Vice President One of the leading manufacturers of fragrances and flavours in India who perfected the art of delivering the ideal sensorial solution for every market
Sacheerome Fragrances & Flavours Sacheerome Fragrances & Flavours Dhruv Arora, Director One of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of concentrated fragrances & flavours, the company is an innovator and collaborator designing fragrances and flavours
Verser Perfumery Verser Perfumery HarshGandhi, Founer & Perfumer A real Indian perfumery that maintains high aesthetic value, coaxing quality and exclusivity and offers a product line of organic, skin-friendly and alcohol free fragrances