Gorgeous Cosmos: Beautifying People the Natural Way

B. D. Verma,President - Sales & Marketing

B. D. Verma

President - Sales & Marketing

In the earlier days, our daadi, naani & maa were the proud supporters of the au naturale movement and used only natural ingredients for any skin requirement. Mixing herbs, infusing them and taking out their extracts was the secret to their perfect skin and hair. Whilst today, the market is overwhelmed by new cosmetic products that include harmful chemicals and mineral oils, giving empty promises of beauty, causing long-term damage to the skin. Blinded by jazzy advertising, customers pay hefty amounts for them, but later get disappointed with adverse results.

Creating awareness for chosing the right cosmetic products with harmless and healthy ingredients is the objective of Gorgeous Cosmos, a new, savvy company, manufacturing cosmetics at its high-tech facilities using natural, vegan and non-toxic ingredients. “From formulation to manufacturing to our identity, our brand demonstrates concern for customer health, and the environment,” asserts B. D. Verma, President - Sales & Marketing, Gorgeous Cosmos.
Going Au Naturale
This Haryana-based company produces an entire range of high quality products for nails (nail polishes, polish remover), skin care (creams, lotion, facewash & sunscreen) and hair care (green apple, henna & aloe vera shampoo and anti-hairfall hair oil). Their nail paints are not only free from toxic chemicals but also incorporate nourishing oils like argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, tamanu oil, rosemary & brahmi extracts, making them safe and healthy even for pregnant women and little ladies. Free from acetone, Gorgeous’ nail polish remover keeps the nails hydrated and nourished with enriching oils and herbal extracts.

"Keeping customers’ needs at the heart of its business operations, Gorgeous addresses customer demands by providing the best and high-quality products"

Gorgeous’ haircare products are herbal in nature and are uniquely formulated. “We give utmost attention to exclude harmful toxic substances, such as 1.4 Dioxane. Also, our hair oils consist of five vital herbs that nourish and strengthen your hair from the roots, reducing hairfall within a few weeks,” explains Verma. Made of vegan ingredients and being paraben-free, Gorgeous’ skin care products protect the skin from ill effects of sun, dry winds and pollution. This has made the products a most preferred choice of Indians, vegetarians and vegans. Cocoa butter incorporated in these products has a long-lasting healing and emollient effect on the skin and gives it a natural glow.
Keeping customers’ needs at the heart of its business operations, Gorgeous addresses customer demands by providing the best and high-quality products. The company makes cosmetics in small batches to carefully monitor every step involved in the making. “Each batch is tested by our Quality Control team before packaging. Post that, a small sample size is retained to monitor its packaged quality & longevity. This procedure ensures that customers get the best from us,” says Verma. The nail polishes are hand-mixed with colors and other ingredients that are procured from US-FDA certified manufacturers who were selected after a rigorous examination. The utensils used in mixing the ingredients, as well as packaging, are of the highest quality glass, stainless steel and food-safe plastics. Skin and hair care products are manufactured in their facility located in the foothills of Himalaya to keep everything away from pollution and to benefit from the cool climes and pure air. The waste generated is negligible and is never let out in drains or the soil. Instead, new uses for it are found by segregation and recycling.

Established in 2016, Gorgeous Cosmos has a promising future, courtesy the love its customers have shown through amazing testimonials, product reviews and picture posts. Gorgeous Cosmos now plans to launch all-natural, nourishing and vegan Ayurda lipsticks, lip balms & lip glosses. Gorgeous Cosmos intends to continue to improve its products quality and build on the trust that its customers have extended towards its brand.