• Mirah Belle Naturals: Nature Spells in a Bottle Perfecting Beauty Blemishes
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    Mirah Belle Naturals: Nature Spells in a Bottle Perfecting Beauty Blemishes

    Natural/Organic is the new trend, backed by the fact that beauty is more than just skin deep; beauty products under the natural spell steals the current world of cosmetic glamour. The faddist natural, holistic and organic buzzwords have ushered companies into adopting more natural ways of producing cosmetic products. Crowning them all is the 2017-founded, Gurgaon-based Mirah Belle Naturals (with 70 percent products certified as organic) that harnesses the power of nature to create products that are safe, beneficial and affordable to cleanse, soothe, heal, and protect one’s skin. Mirah Belle is spearheaded by the cheerful & spirited Shivani Kapur (Founder), who is an engineer, and belongs to the Promoter Family - Rico Auto Industries. “Mirah Belle was conceptulised with the core...


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