Fraterniti Foods: Building a Strong F&B Empire

     Karan Makan, Co-Founder,      RohitTandon, Founder

Karan Makan, Co-Founder

RohitTandon, Founder

The F&B industry is a vibrant and ever-evolving sector that caters to diverse tastes and preferences on a global scale. Within this industry, the franchise system plays a pivotal role, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to collaborate with established brands. Among the industry's standout performers, Fraternity Foods, founded during the covid lockdown by Rohit Tandon, and Karan Makan, takes center stage, driving significant transformation within the F&B landscape. Fraterniti's unwavering commitment to innovation and uncompromising quality opens exceptional opportunities for franchisees, solidifying its position as a leading force in the market.

Promising a Range of Offerings
The brand swiftly carved its identity in the F&B Industry, establishing nearly 100 functional franchises since its inception, through various brand extensions like Zoca, Blink, YOLO, and China Box. The team’s diverse brand portfolio presents a rich product mix, boasting multiple cuisines, beverages, and an exquisite dining experience. The steadfast dedication to quality fuels continuous innovation and experimentation, further driving the initiative to tailor F&B outlets to suit clientele, location, and offerings, proving resilience against competition and industry challenges.

“We offer solutions and consultations to create an everlasting experience for the guests and make the processes streamlined. Our philosophy is focused on the 4 Ps i.e.
People, Process, Place & Price. It gives us an opportunity to try and be better every day with the neck-on-neck competition to grow, develop and innovate every day to face the competition and also competes against our own ability with a greater ambition to be the fastest growing brand in the country”, shares Rohit Tandon, Founder, Fraterniti Foods.

Fraterniti offers comprehensive support, ranging from construction, interior planning, and site development to staff management, operational assistance, vendor support, kitchen ergonomics, and brand enhancement. The company's approach emphasizes not only the provision of support but also its delivery. The team prioritizes educating partners about the F&B business, empowering them to elevate both the brand and processes.

While staying updated on industry developments, Fraterniti strikes a balance between innovative plating and product presentations while preserving the food's traditionality and authenticity to foster a sustainable connection with customers.

Fraterniti Food was established with a bold vision of self-competition and risk-taking to foster multiple brands' growth

Inception, Journey, & Future
Fraterniti Food was established with a bold vision of self-competition and risk-taking to foster multiple brands' growth. The company focuses on serving high volumes of customers with the finest products at optimal costs, complemented by personalized service and a niche product mix. The brand lineup includes Zoca Cafe which offers affordable casual dining, Zoca Diner with a focus on sizzlers and platter based meals, and Zoca Courtyard, a premium dining experience with a diverse menu. Additionally, rising brands like YOLO and Blink by Zoca are set to expand the Fraterniti Foods fleet.

“It has been a fascinating journey that my partner Karan Makan and I revere as it has helped us learn and develop ourselves as well as our team that has been a driving force in this pursuit of Mission 500. We have become wiser with all the mistakes and sharpened our approach to taking forward strides”, further shares Rohit.

The team’s short term objective is to reach 100 outlets, which is believed to be nearly attainable, while the bullish long-term goal is to achieve 500 outlets by 2025. The company adheres to its vision and mission statement and plans to grow all its brands simultaneously, with multiple openings lined up in the coming years to achieve its goal of becoming the market leader.