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  • 10 Most Promising Food and Beverage Franchises - 2023

    Food & Beverage Franchises are Providing Quality Food for Quality People The Food and Beverage Industry includes all the companies involved in transforming raw agricultural goods into consumer food products. The overall industry supply chain includes food processing, packaging, and distribution. It does not cover raw food production, which falls into the closely related agriculture industry. This industry includes fresh food, packaged food, and beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). From food sold at the grocery store to cooked meals served at restaurants, institutions, and events, this industry serves a huge variety of  retail outlets. The food and beverage sector must continually meet those needs and offer employment opportunities for people who want to work in...

10 Most Promising Food and Beverage Franchises - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Salgar Amruttulya Chai Coffee Salgar Amruttulya Chai Coffee Dadu Salgar, Founder A renowned tea brand known for its fresh quality, unforgettable taste, and commitment to hygiene, strives to meet tea lover's diverse needs and expectations
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Burger Singh Burger Singh Nitin Rana, Co-Founder A company committed to deliver cost effective burgers with Indian spices & flavours, beverages, momos and more
Chai Chulha Chai Chulha Vinit Chitlangia, Chief Operating Officer A company committed to serve the highest quality and exclusively perfect taste to tea
Fraterniti Foods Fraterniti Foods Karan Makan, Co-Founder, RohitTandon, Founder The company provides high-quality food and experience at an affordable price capable of offering a variety of dishes at their best quality, meeting your requirements
Lassi Corner Lassi Corner Sumit Singla , Founder A firm providing customers with the highest quality products through conscious nutrition, experience sourcing premium ingredient transforms into lassi, milkshake, coffee & delicious ice cream
Meat And Eat Meat And Eat Gagan Raju, Managing Director A chain of restaurants where tasty fried chicken, burgers, kebabs, biryanis and more, served hot and fresh under great ambiance
Taru's Fish Express Taru's Fish Express Sanjay D. Taru & Chef Anchit D. Sukhramani, Executive Directors An esteemed institution that holds a cherished place in the hearts of seafood enthusiasts with a rich legacy spanning over 50 years, mastering the art of seafood craftsmanship, captivating tastes with every bite
The Chocolate Room The Chocolate Room Chaitanya Kumar, CMD The food brand has positioned itself as a chocolate cafe in this dynamic market, capitalizing on the growing demand for chocolate-based foods and beverages
The Tea Planet The Tea Planet Madhuri Ganadinni, Founder A firm with a vision explore and introduce the world to blended beverages that have universal appeal and offer a unique experience, creating brews that cater to casual beverage consumers looking for refreshments
Waffle World Waffle World Nidhi Trivedi, Director Offering a taste of authentic waffles, with an array of flavors like vanilla, brownie, red velvet, matcha, and charcoal, and star dishes such as authentic belgian waffles, hong kong waffles, savory waffles, and more