Salgar Amruttulya Chai Coffee: Crafting Unforgettable Tea Experiences

  Dadu Salgar,  Founder

Dadu Salgar


The current Food and Beverage industry is witnessing a rise in delivery and online ordering services as consumers seek convenient ways to access their favourite food and beverages. Technology integration, such as mobile apps and self-service kiosks, is becoming increasingly popular among customers. Salgar Amruttulya Chai Coffee is a renowned tea brand known for its fresh quality, unforgettable taste, and commitment to hygiene. Started by Dadu Salgar, who began his journey as a farmer, the brand has grown from a single sugarcane juice centre to the best tea shop in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan (350 + Franchise Outlets). With a visionary and modern approach, Salgar Amruttulya caters to changing tastes and lifestyles, making it the preferred choice for tea lovers, especially the younger generation.

‘Success has its own way’, this thought has been proved by Dadu Salgar. To begin with his life, Dadu, originally a man struggling for success has set an example to all the youngsters of today who are searching for jobs. He pursued farming and did a lot of business experiments, which gave nothing but learnings. So, he went to Pune to get a job. From starting as a security guard with 2800 rupees pay to setting up his own juice cart with Raswanti Gruh (Sugarcane juice), Dadu left no stone unturned.

Eventually, Dadu opened a tea center and soon he started developing his own unique taste of tea. Every single day, Dadu started serving his unique tea for free to his friends, relatives, roadside people as well as to the vendors. This tea flavor grabbed interest of everyone, rich and the poor, the junior and the
senior.People started to ask for franchisees on their own, and today, Salgar Amrut Tea has 350 + branches in all India.

Dadu says that, “People see my Ford Endeavour SUV but, to earn it, was an amazing journey which took me 18 Years to achieve it. Now, when someone calls me Saheb it reminds me of the young Dadu who used to dream big to become a successful person in life”.

Salgar Amruttulya caters to changing tastes & lifestyles, making it the preferred choice for tea lovers, especially the younger generation

Customers in the food and beverage industry face several challenges, such as inconsistent quality, limited product choices, and operational hassles. Salgar Amruttulya has successfully addressed these challenges and experienced significant growth by prioritizing customer satisfaction. The company ensures consistent taste, quality, and hygiene in the products, winning the trust and loyalty of its customers. The firm has implemented innovative techniques and automation in the production processes, minimizing errors and saving time for shop owners and workers. Additionally, Salgar Amruttulya focuses on providing budget friendly franchise models, enabling entrepreneurs to enter the industry quickly. “By understanding and tackling customer concerns, the company has built a strong foundation and garnered positive customer responses, paving the way for its expansion plans across India”, says Dadu Salgar.

Elevating Tea Experience with Excellence
Salgar Amruttulya, with a focus on innovation, value, and exemplary service, strives to meet tea lovers' diverse needs and expectations nationwide. With its production unit and a fully automated process, the firm ensures efficiency and precision at every step.

Salgar Amruttulya's future roadmap includes expanding branches throughout India and offering more budget-friendly services in each taluka, district, and state while also focusing on providing employment opportunities and catering to the evolving needs of educated individuals in the business.