Deon Pro: Offering Environment Friendly Fragrances Cost Effectively

In the urban areas, the standard of living of the masses is rising. It is attracting increasing demands for various scents and fragrances from the younger generation. Fragrances and perfumes have improved the grooming habits of individuals and have become important products of day-to-day life. All these factors are set to accelerate the perfume market growth during the forthcoming years. According to a survey, perfume market size which stood at $39,406 million in 2018, is projected to reach $56,983 million by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.8 percent during the forecast period. Creating luxurious and premium quality of cosmetics and fragrances, Deon Pro was established five years ago with the objective to compound desired cosmetic products for all age groups of people. The firm's aim has always been to provide luxurious and premium quality fragrances from the natural resources to all segments of society within reasonable price limit.

Haroon,Founder & CEO

Based at Chandigarh, the company is a designer and manufacturer of made-to-measure fragrances & cosmetic products for the domestic and international market. "Our main focus will be to use unique natural products with luxurious as well as premium range of fragrances. The idea is to provide natural products at a very low cost, which is affordable to all categories of consumers in the market. We must emphasize here that our formulation is totally free from alcohol, which means that it is environment as well as consumer friendly," said Haroon, Founder & CEO, Deon Pro.

Naturally Acquired Products
Deon Pro desires to manufacture and launch products in the market, which are as per the market demand. The company manufactures fragrances with natural resources. The perfumes are non-toxic and non-hazardous, which makes their product completely environment friendly. Based on this, the company will be launching two different brands; namely Morse Ense, providing premium quality of fragrances, and the other is Haroon Luxury with luxurious fragrances.

The premium quality of fragrance will be pocket friendly for various customers. The products of Deon Pro will look after the needs of the middle class, as well as elite class customers. Additionally, the company's facilities will introduce different notes in oriental, woody, fresh and floral fragrances. Deon Pro provides state-of-the-art manufacturing of products supported by dependable logistics and expedited shipping to customer facilities at domestic and international level.

Furthermore, Deon Pro has appointed highly trained and creative minded professionals who understand the delicacy of elixirs to be manufactured. Working in unison, they create and innovate exotic aphrodisiacs and sensory experiences for consumers by displaying new brands on the shelves. Also, Deon Pro's highly experienced Research and Development division keeps taking the feedback from its consumers at frequent intervals. The R&D team makes sure that the product undergoes rigid quality tests, so that the company can research into the new fora to take-out desired changes in the existing products.

Deon pro provides state-of-the-art manufacturing of products supported by dependable logistics and expedited shipping to customer facilities at domestic and international level

Since Deon Pro is engaged in relatively new trends in this field, the company offers products through various channels to reach-out to maximum number of customers. "We seek to deliver maximum level of satisfaction to our consumers from all strata of societies by offering them premium and luxurious range of products. Our vision is to build a global brand that is committed to enhancing the natural beauty of men and women by providing the best fragrances and services," concludes Haroon.