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  • 10 Best Startups in Fashion - 2018

    Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of the everyday life’ – Bill Cunningham. In today’s context, the word of fashion has evolved manifolds. The entry of international brands, changes in preferences from non-branded to branded, the fastest growing economy and the large chunk of youth population has transformed it to a lucrative market with making the Indian apparel industry the second largest contributor amending to some of the major changes. On the other hand, the millennial and the rest irrespective of age group have become more conscious with each passing day owing to mass media and social media penetration. This has created a plethora of opportunities but also at the same time has forayed the birth of fashion start-ups. As the consumer is touted to the...

10 Best Startups in Fashion - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Amydus Amydus Chandni Soni, Head of Operations A brand that caters to the very much needed demand of ready to wear plus size clothing online
Design Emporia Design Emporia Surbhi Gupta Tanga & Raman M Tanga,, Directors One-stop destination for designers and visitors, where they can browse, study, interact and buy designer products of quality and worth
Dressire Dressire Ashish Dhar, Founder & Director Visions to enable slow and responsible fashion through personalisation
LASTINCH LASTINCH Neha Modi, Founder Aims to modify the plus size fashion and make it reachable to the one who needs it
MeghRang MeghRang Yogini Kale, Founder Offers Ethnic products with the best quality at Factory Prices
Modestreet Internet Modestreet Internet Abhitosh Yadav & Rohit Chabra, Co-Founders A unique, first-of-its kind online platform that seamlessly integrates crossplatform fashion, multi-channel fashion shopping and intuitive augmented reality for a timeless shopping experience
Pink Blue India Pink Blue India Aastha Agarwal, Founder An online portal for kid's wear that provide seamless shopping experience for parents and children
Stylumia Intelligence Technology Stylumia Intelligence Technology Ganesh Subramaniam, Founder & CEO Analyses and derive actionable intelligence from unstructured data sources by applying advances in AI and Computer Vision
Trupik Trupik Vikranth Katpally, CEO Uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to help retailers revolutionize apparel eCommerce