How Technology is Revolutionizing the Workplace Wellness

Vivek Slaria, Founder, GreenLattey & TWChallengeVivek is an executive coach who works with organizations and people to help them achieve their goals.

Technology is reshaping the everyday digital reality of the workforce. This starts with employees’ lives and generating new tools &devices to reshape their environment and performance. As work environments have started shifting to personal spaces because of the worldwide pandemic, employer’s wellbeing management schemes ought to be prepared to adapt to new challenges. These progressions will bring new obstacles to corporate wellbeing, like increased stress and pressure placed on employees. It’s no secret that investing in employee wellness is beneficial in the long run. Corporate wellbeing has become a social responsibility that workers and future talent need, require and expect from the organizations. That is the reason employers have begun presenting wellbeing programs and simultaneously turning to innovation as an apparatus to monitor, promote, and reward their employee’s fitness accomplishments.

A healthier employee is a happier employee, also a more productive one. However, getting employees to take advantage of a wellness program is not an easy task. Participation is sometimes low, with employees citing lack of time or interest as two of the primary reasons. Promoting participation in company wellness schemes is difficult for those working off-site. IT solutions to these problems include more specialized training for employees coupled with digital wellness apps and platforms that take a holistic, fully managed approach to employee health. That’s where technology comes in, making employee engagement easier and a whole lot more fun. By providing options and managing everything through a digital platform that’s accessible anywhere, remote workers can choose what works for them and stay involved in the company’s health initiative.

The term ‘gamification’ has become prevalent in
the world of employer branding due to the ways in which it motivates and engages employees in exciting ways that develop their skills, and ultimately help them achieve their fitness goals. It is no news that gamification has helped in building a significant level of engagement during different stages of employee life cycle. The most important aspect of an effective gamification is social interaction. Participants strive to win a challenge, whether it’s losing weight, eating healthier, or achieving measurable fitness goals.

The fun kicks in courtesy of a group dynamic that promotes healthy and interactive competition to achieve wellness goals, which aligns with another trend among employers: offering rewards to employees who complete health and wellness objectives. The platform sets weekly health challenges to employees and it’s live on app fitness programs enable live one-on-one interaction.

The best tech initiatives that support a wellbeing strategy are those that the individual employee can tailor to their own needs

Fitness Mobile App
Corporate wellness is the ongoing megatrend in a pursuit to achieve great employee engagement. Nowadays there’s an app for everything, and that’s especially true to employee wellbeing and lifestyle-based apps. The best tech initiatives that support a wellbeing strategy are those that the individual employee can tailor to their own needs, for example there are a number of mindfulness initiatives that the employee can personalize to their own needs, nutritional and exercise support that brings all levels of support into one place to cater to your choices.

The app is accessible at just the click of a button, and you should be ensuring that employees understand what tools are out there. After a user downloads the app, the registration process is a simple process of OTP based mobile number verification and name registration. The app is built on native android and IOS devices with real time video technology integrated in the back end. The design principles used are design thinking, agile development and social engineering. It is integrated with already existing cloud infrastructure allowing it scalability in both volume and geographic locations.

After app download, the user selects and subscribes from a series of challenges to get started on a fitness journey. This way an employee can choose their own personal route to wellness. At a designated time, the user gets a notification of their class. User goes online to the app and starts the class with a live trainer. In case a user misses out a session due to prior work or family commitments, the video recording of the session is made available on the home screen of the app.

Aim to Promote Happiness & Productivity – Program Analytics
There is also technology that allows employers to analyze their wellness programs and redirect them to meet the needs of their employees better. It’s not just about return on investment, but also about employee satisfaction. Increase in Happiness Analytics allows employers to pinpoint aspects of their wellness program that are receiving less-than-favorable ratings. The happiness index is measured through real time polls that appear on the employee screen before and after the session.