How Online Tribute Services Become Important Especially During a Pandemic

Sumit Khaitan, Project Head, Tributes.inAn online obituary platform, helps the family of those who passed away bereave with others who were close to the departed.

Death of a loved one is an inexpressible pain. All of us have thoughts and memories of our loved ones which we wish to share. We want to inform everyone that possibly knew him or her about death. But what is the better option to do that? It is an online tribute. Far more than a traditional obituary, the online memorial provides a connection point to the close ones of the deceased person.

Moreover, if you know someone who has had to plan a funeral during the ongoing crisis, you would be aware of how much tougher it is to go through this already difficult task. When the gathering is restricted to 20 people, there are many people who grapple to mourn over the death of a dear one. Marking the death of someone is important, and if you cannot bring people together in one place, with online tribute you can still celebrate life and hold a fitting memorial. In a situation when the family and friends cannot gather together to attend a funeral, online tribute reassures that there are still ways to celebrate a life lived, say goodbye to a loved one and share the memories without the need to bring people together physically in one place.

1. Immediately Available and Viable Option
Generally, when a death takes place, the family reaches out to newspapers to spread a word among people. However, a newspaper comes out only on the morning of the next day. If a family is hosting the funeral the same day, newspaper does not remain a viable option. Online tribute platforms allow people to create a dedicated page of the deceased one where they can update the details and timings of all the
rituals, share unlimited pictures and countless memories and post condolences.

2. Global Reach
Online memorials allow people to participate in the grieving process from anywhere across the globe and at any time of the day or night. If someone is not able to attend the last ceremonies of the deceased person, he/she can still participate in the grieving process with online tribute platforms. Such public displays of grief are important for emotional recovery after bereavement.

Far more than a traditional obituary, the online memorial provides a connection point to the close ones of the deceased person

3. Interactive and Therapeutic During Difficult Times
Online memorials are interactive and provide a communication outlet for continued grieving when more formal events have ended. Such inexpensive or free online space allows grievers to include extensive content such as stories and discussions. While social media gives people the opportunity to keep the deceased a part of their lives by posting on their walls on birthday, holidays, or death anniversary, online memorials also provision the bereaved to pull up the deceased page and go through the memories when they are having a particularly difficult time. Continuing bonds and be able to express feelings towards the deceased are considered therapeutic to the grieving ones.

4. A Solace for Many
Mostly, people post an obituary of their loved ones in a newspaper but sometimes, due to shortage of time or cost factor, it becomes a challenge to do so. Moreover, with ever-evolving world and people getting more dependent on technology in every sphere of life, online tribute platforms come as a solace for people who wish to pay their tributes on the demise of their loved ones from anywhere across the globe.

Summing It All Up
Death is inevitable and an unbearable loss. When grieving, different people behave differently. Many need to do more than just say a loved one has passed on. They wish to share their thoughts and feelings. Online tribute provides them with the ability to do just that. It also allows the loved ones to share thoughts about the individual all in one place.

Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has made it hard to offer condolences on someone’s demise. In this situation, when people are forced to follow social distancing, paying tribute to someone who has passed away is impossible for many well-wishers. For many people, this may be really painful. Online tribute platforms give a chance to families to mitigate their grief when a loved one passes by creating a living obituary. The memorial created for the loved one lives on forever, allowing to maintain social distancing but not emotional distancing.