ZODIAC & DEKO Hair Combs: Revolutionizing Hair Care Segment with Home-Grown Products

Sandeep Mundhra,CEOWith a strong urge to look beautiful and have good hair, most women prefer using hairspray, curling iron, hair gels and many other products which cause serious harm to the hair. Hence, they prefer going to beauty salons every now and then to protect their hair and bring it back to life. But beauty requires sacrifice and daily care, and without a comb you just can't do it! Over the recent times, a swarm of personal care products brands have come into existence whose main objective is to provide customers with combs as a mere tool to detangle their hair. Standing in stark contrast to these players is Mumbai-based ZODIAC & DEKO Hair Combs, a home-grown brand offering premium, economical and customized combs, and comprehensive solutions to customers that retain their hair's natural volume and lustre. Besides, the company helps them minimize the time and effort required to maintain their hair while revolutionizing the hair care segment with a legacy of over three decades.

True Swadeshi!
Being a true swadeshi, the company aims to revive India's tribal culture and arts by designing and producing diverse types of combs in India that surpass the quality offered by its foreign counterparts. This way, it has been strongly encouraging import substitution and supporting `Make in India'
initiative. Sandeep Mundhra, CEO, ZODIAC & DEKO Hair Combs, adds, "We have been able to gain a prominent position in the Indian market due to our top- notch, affordable and varied products, transparency and ability to fulfill bulk orders, timely delivery of goods, single payment options, diligent workforce, and many other features."

ZODIAC & DEKO offers 7", 8" & 9" Ladies Combs, Pocket Combs, Handle Combs, Printed Combs, Family Pack Combs (wide-tooth to pocket-size small set), and Shampoo Combs for perfectly styling or detangling the hair with minimal breakage. These hair combs are suitable for all hair types, be it curly, wavy, straight or anything in between. Behind these marvels is a four-part manufacturing approach entailing finest raw materials, proficient craftsmen, standards like IS0 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015, and quality checking mechanisms. Unlike ordinary combs in the market, these combs are sturdier and heavier while each bristle is fine-tuned with perfection. Moreover, ZODIAC & DEKO is the only manufacturer in India that has been associated with Mattel Toys and authorized to manufacture combs under Barbie and Hot Wheels characters. No wonder, ZODIAC & DEKO's products have been rated among the Top 100 Selling Articles in Retail!

ZODIAC & DEKO aims to revive India's tribal culture and arts by designing and producing diverse types of combs in India that surpass the quality offered by its foreign counterparts

Customers can avail these products from retail stores like D-Mart, Reliance Retail, Spencer's Retail, Vishal Mega Mart, Ratnadeep Hyper, Rational Handloom, All in Merchandise, and others as well as from e-Commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, and others. All thanks to the father-son duo ­ Babulal Mundhra (Founder) and Sandeep for nourishing the brand `ZODIAC & DEKO' and achieving miles in the modern retail industry!

The Road Ahead
With main focus on achieving great customer experience, ZODIAC & DEKO seamlessly innovates on its product range and enhances its premium packaging and post-sales services in tune with ever-evolving market trends. Some of these innovations include hair accessories like hair brushes and other product lines. Furthermore, the company envisions expanding to all Tier-C towns in rural areas of India along with Europe, Canada, Middle-East Asia, Mexico and other international markets.