Whiskers: The Ultimate House of Style & Finesse for Men

Hardik Varia & Aakash Goswami,Co-FoundersThe men's styling and grooming industry, which has been neglected for the longest time, is prospering as the millennial spending is steadily ramping up. Men are becoming increasingly image conscious, as they realize that being well-groomed and maintaining a sharp look significantly enhances the likability and trust factor in their personal as well as professional lives. No wonder, the men's grooming and personal care market is dominating the Indian personal care market for the past few years. In fact, the grooming products that appeal to millennial male consumers are experiencing a relatively promising growth trajectory, even though the effects of pandemic are expected to weaken the bloom of global hair care industry from 4.5 percent CAGR to 4.3 percent for the next seven years.

Undeniably, the range of products covering men's grooming necessities have improved, with retailers dedicating separate space specifically for these products. However, Indian consumers have barely scratched the surface of this fascinating industry! With limited options to choose from, men are still struggling to identify their favorite grooming company that ensures a boost in their confidence. But not anymore! Whiskers, the house of trendsetter and style, speaks volumes for its unconventional aesthetic while being deeply rooted in its Indian culture. The company has carved a niche in the men's grooming segment ­ especially in the virgin category of a tattoo aftercare products, by introducing a wide range of grooming essentials which are designed with a hint of gentleness.

The brand positions itself at the higher end of the spectrum by delivering natural products with rare and selectively sourced ingredients, keeping in mind the environmental and social consciousness. It is the company's obsession with constant research and innovation that helps Whiskers to provide ground-breaking quality of products for men and women. The company not only offers premium quality products, but also enhances the look and feel of its products through mesmerizing packaging and unmatched adaptation in terms of technology.

Building products apace with the ever-evolving needs of its target audience, Whiskers encompasses multiple products in the men's grooming and tattoo aftercare category which include nascent and virgin categories such as Skin & Body Care (Face Wash, Face Scrub, Body Wash, Bathing Soap, Body Yogurts and Body Deodorants), Hair Care & Style (Hair Serum, Hair Growth Oil, Hair Pomade, Hair Gel, Hair Clay and Hair Shampoo & Conditioner), Beard Care & Style (Beard Oil, Beard Shampoo, Beard Softener and Beard Wax), Tattoo Care (Tattoo Balm, Tattoo Cream, Tattoo Salve Pro) and Gift Sets (a mix of aforementioned products packaged as per customer's wish). Whiskers best optimise the product delivery and sales of these products based on the premium ­ skimming and psychological pricing strategy.

An Exhilarating Journey
Conceptualized by Aakash Goswami and Hardik Varia (Co-Founders) in 2017 with a vision to change the game for men's untended requirements in the personal care domain, the brand's growth was accelerated by Rannvijay Singha and Anup Goswami (Co-Founders & Investor respectively). Tapping the nascent category, the company initially launched a tattoo aftercare product after multiple lab tests with sheer focus on providing the best results to its customers. After the success of the first formulation, Whiskers was completely engaged and driven to work and develop the best products, right from the formulation, packaging to the technology used. "We understood the men's grooming sector and didn't dip our toes in water, but dived in to get the best for our consumers. Men's grooming at Whiskers has paved its way through innovations and experiments, achieving the best discovery of natural botanical ingredients to essential sciences," explains Hardik, who looks after several functions at the organization right from product branding, designing to marketing.

Its unique strategy of leveraging natural sciences and ingredients, unparallel quality and packaging, and constant research & development being the strings to its bow, the company soon gained momentum and placed itself at the higher end of the spectrum. Today, serving its products in the cities of Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Delhi via offline channels and PAN India through online mediums, Whiskers is increasing its revenue growth by an impressive 30 percent annually. "We have had an exhilarating journey since inception but we also realise we have a long way to go. We have worked day in and day out just to ensure and get the right formula and celebrate the first round of production. From writing emails to the best suppliers all over the world to attending multiple beauty Expos, I remember every experience. Getting every detail right from the ingredients, packaging and the finished products every step was a crucial stage to achieve a milestone," reminisces Hardik.

Ensuring Unmatched Quality & Experience
Determined to keep its products a cut above the rest, Whiskers is in constant chase to offer the best to its consumers for every product, service and innovation.
This chase starts by using the best quality ingredients from carefully-selected suppliers around the world and continues with its research & innovation in the manufacturing processes. Above all, it lays great emphasis on creating products and services that are extremely safe as well as effective.

The Whiskers team's efforts comply with internal norms that go far beyond current external regulations which underpins the trust that its consumers have on its brand. "At every stage, Whiskers' quality team ensures that the categorised standards of the brand are complied with and achieved. By quality, we cover several sectors of business such as design, compliance and distribution which play a pivotal role. The quality of the finished product, in every aspect should cater and achieve the desired specifications set by a brand that ensures the delivery standards for a long run," asserts Aakash.

In a world where brands are constantly trying to pitch an ideal image to sell their products, Whiskers takes pride in helping men embrace their natural charisma and charm. Whiskers as a brand believes in a constant that is `change'. To cater to the customers' needs and cusp organic growth, it encourages: Continual optimization of commercial activities, which involves how goods and services are priced, marketed, and sold, Reallocation of funds into activities (like production of high-earning goods) that fuel earnings and growth, and Development of new models for operations or creation and development of new goods to sell and/or services to offer. Similar to the budding category, Whiskers targets teens, men and women, irrespective of their race, ethnicity and lifestyle. "Our goal is to expand globally and make our products available to everyone and everywhere to change the business dynamics of the grooming industry," declares a determined Aakash.

Whiskers products ranges from beard oil, beard shampoo, charcoal facewash, walnut face scrub, hair gel for men, hair serum, hair pomade or men, best hair growth oil and body yoghurt to tattoo aftercare products like tattoo balm and tattoo cream to many others

Whiskers is not only aiming at reinventing grooming and personal care products but also wishes to restructure manufacturing by inviting its key suppliers and manufacturers to work with the company towards zero-waste manufacturing. Endeavouring to do its best towards a healthy planet earth, the company takes care of its domestic shipments with GOGREEN Carbon Neutral Service, which ensures a cleaner and safer environment. As a style and fashion icon, Rannvijay seeks to establish Whiskers with captivating style, right from the packaging that ensures zero wastage technology to everything that entails a luxury grooming experience.

The Road Ahead
Going beyond the traditional marketing norms, Whiskers constantly realigns and re-evaluates its business development strategies apace with evolving consumer preferences. For instance, endeavouring to catch the eyeballs of people working from home, Whiskers has ramped up its reliance on digital platforms that offers transparency and opportunities for connection. The company aims to build on merchandising strategies and live streams to reach customers in relevant ways. Vesting keen focus on creating a Whiskers family ­ a tribe of users who are part of the brand community, Whiskers levies its interest in social media campaigns, which can help it drive engagements, considering its target audience spend more time online. "Striving to elevate the grooming sector in India, we have charted out a plan to educate the consumers with educational live streams about skincare, hair care and tattoo care to reassure and enhance customer satisfaction," shares Aakash.

As an influential brand Whiskers takes its responsibility very seriously. The brand has been channelling its resources towards educating the audience about the art of grooming via its online and offline communication. The digitally savvy brand provides detailed information about the products that range from Beard Oil, Beard Shampoo, Charcoal Face Wash, Walnut Face Scrub, Hair Gel for Men, Hair Serum, Hair Pomade for Men, Best Hair Growth Oil and Body Yoghurt to Tattoo Aftercare Products like Tattoo Balm and Tattoo Cream to many others.

Whiskers is keeping its hands on the wheel and eyes on trends to cater to the requirements of Indian men by designing disruptive products and aromatic scents that would boost their confidence. "With Whiskers, we aim to lay hold on their entrepreneurial spirit, by creating the most stylish and perfect tools in the grooming category with unmatched quality and safety," conclude Aakash and Hardik. Clearly, the brand is well on its way to achieve its ultimate goal of offering products that fill the gap in every way the men want to.

Aakash Goswami, Co-Founder
Aakash is a serial entrepreneur and investor, who has garnered years of experience by working on his family business as well as his own endeavours. Aakash comes with the experience of investment and business strategy in industries such as real estate and retail. Having handled international projects, he brings his unique perspective towards bridging the gap in the Indian men's grooming industry. Translating his knowledge on transforming a viable idea to business via strategic marketing, Aakash orchestrates the overall strategy for sales and business development of Whiskers.

Hardik Varia, Co-Founder
Possessing a PG degree in event management, Hardik has facilitated numerous gigs, where he has worked closely with Nikhil Chinapa, Norman Doray, Chris Montana, Dave Kurtis and many more. He is significantly involved in the decision making of various verticals at Whiskers, right from product branding, designing as well as marketing. A passionate workaholic, Hardik has been appreciated by the prestigious IIM-Ahmedabad Institute for his dedicated work and management skills.

• Skin & Body Care: Face Wash, Face Scrub, Body Wash, Bathing Soap, Body Yogurts And Body Deodorants
• Hair Care & Style: Hair Serum, Hair Growth Oil, Hair Pomade, Hair Gel And Hair Shampoo & Conditioner
• Beard Care & Style: Beard Oil, Beard Shampoo, Beard Softener And Beard Wax
• Tattoo Care: Tattoo Balm, Tattoo Cream And Tattoo Salve Pro

Ahmedabad (Headquarter), Mumbai And Delhi Via Offline And Pan India Through Online Medium

Whiskers In Spotlight
• Offering A Wide Range Of Grooming Essentials Apace With The Ever-Evolving Needs Of Its Target Audience Which Are Designed Keeping In Mind Masculine Needs Along With A Hint Of Gentleness
• Delivering High-Quality Extremely Natural Products With Rare And Selectively Sourced Ingredients Through Constant Research And Innovation
• Enhancing The Look And Feel Of Its Products Through Mesmerizing Packaging And Unmatched Adaptation In Terms Of Technology
• Using The Best Quality Ingredients From Carefully-Selected Suppliers Worldwide To Create Products And Services That Are Extremely Safe As Well As Effective
• Constantly Realigning Its Business Development Strategies Apace With Evolving Consumer Preferences, Whiskers Is Endeavouring To Create A Tribe Of Users Who Are Part Of The Brand Community Through Effective Digital Campaigns