Separator Reinvigorating the Handloom Era Wielding Technology

Nishant Malhotra,Co-FounderRight from the medieval era to framing a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi sitting before a ‘charkha’ (a spinning wheel), in present times, where spinning wheels are replaced with machines, the handloom industry has witnessed widespread changes. However, the lifestyle of its laborers tragically remains the same. The silver lining of the Handloom cloud stages a picture of a promising future when, a handloom brand with vast expertise in Banarasi silks, determined to narrate the tale of weavers and revolutionize the handloom industry leveraging technology.

Broadening the prospects of the handloom industry not just within its native markets, but also on a global scale, the company throws open an online buffet that provides a platter of 100 percent handloom products to reach customers worldwide. A rarity of its kind, cuts-out the middle men involved in the whole process from procuring material to weaving and then retailing. This not only brings in instant gratification to weavers, but also gives the company a pricing advantage over most other sellers, which gets passed to its customers
spread across 20 countries. Besides enabling the’s team to differentiate the authentic weaves from the rest, the periodic workshops & continuous training sessions also facilitates them to ascertain that its customers have an awesome experience, whether they’re visiting its store in the heart of South Delhi, events or online. throws open an online buffet that provides a platter of 100 percent handloom products to reach customers worldwide

Nishant Malhotra, Co-Founder, states, “We work with the ladies of our weavers and help them with skill education through workshops on saree finishing and tassels-making ensuring they become financially stronger and independent”. The buyers enjoy the most cherishing experiences along with the privilege of owning the finest pieces of handloom that possess an amalgamation of old motifs along with contemporary designs, as well as South Indian designs (annapakshi, rudraksh & others) with the northern themes to suit current audiences’ taste.

Weaving Opportunities
As the name suggests, every saree/dupatta it sells tells the story of the weaver/artist; it helps the customer to understand the intricacy and also appreciate the thought process which has gone

into selecting the motif, color & so on. Apart from the quality & authenticity of the products, invests its time & resources on technology from the very start to streamline its processes, as against the large conventional shops with online presence. “Back-end process automation and analytics help us stay focused on what we curate and sell. Reliance on technology right from the beginning helps the business streamline its processes as it scales. Besides that, a good technology & user experience strategy helps build a strong foundation for future innovations and experiments. We are able to spend our limited resources on quality purchases & customer delight rather than getting entangled with operational tasks as we grow now,” explains Sujith Nair, Co-Founder.

The brand has offered exotic pieces of art with fabrics like khadi, linen, cotton, georgette, silks and blended yarns that have endured the most emphatic purchases. Tanchoi, Kadhwa, Cutwork, Kimkhab, and Dumpaj are some distinguished patterns among an infusion of 17 other designs. A recent initiative to merge handloom with the corporate segments proved to be a pertinent attempt on the part of the brand in its 2018 agenda. “We need to keep on bringing the best products to our customers, while ensuring operational processes get continuously efficient,” concludes Nishant. Growing rapidly as a profitable company, aims to bring the locally produced best weaves from other countries & cultures to Indian customers as well.