Waffle World: Tingling Tastebuds with Unique & Global Waffle Flavors

Nidhi Trivedi,  Director

Nidhi Trivedi


India's foodie culture drives a thriving market with 12-15 percent annual growth, bolstered by globalization, increased spending, and impactful social media. Waffle World, a premium and customer-oriented brand, distinguishes itself through three core pillars: originality, high quality, and creativity. With an unwavering focus on international standard quality and maintaining consistency across every outlet, Waffle World confidently emerges as a true benchmark in the market, continuously delighting customers with its unique and tantalizing creations. Offering an authentic recipe that showcases the culinary artistry of waffles, Waffle World proudly boasts an extensive menu featuring 35 distinct dishes, including both delectable desserts and savory waffle delights—a rare and exciting offering in India's market.

The Waffle World Factor
Waffle World's journey began before COVID-19, but initial plans were halted by lockdowns. Undeterred, the team bounced back with a clear marketing strategy and a successful pilot setup leading to the creation of a premium Indian brand with an international twist. The mission to offer everyone a taste of authentic waffles, becoming the go-to premium counters where like minded individuals meet and network.

Waffle World stands out with an array of flavors like Vanilla, Brownie, Red Velvet, Matcha, and Charcoal, and star dishes such as authentic Belgian waffles, Hong Kong waffles, savory waffles, and candy waffles. Through strategically positioned stalls in
malls, Waffle World ensures access to fresh ingredients and meets customer expectations with a well aligned business model. Embracing the potential of India's food and beverage franchise market, the company envisions a marvelous network of Waffle World outlets across different cities.

“Despite the densening competition, Waffle World remains steadfast in its commitment to authenticity and genuine flavors, distancing itself from copy-paste brands that offer subpar imitations. Customers are attracted towards the platter that looks delicious at first glance and tastes delicious on the first bite in addition to offering ample options which attracts them to return and try new flavors”, shares Nidhi Trivedi, Director.

Waffle World's distinctive edge lies in the commitment to using original & fresh ingredients

Waffle World's distinctive edge lies in the commitment to using original and fresh ingredients. With a focus on pure and real flavors, the couverture chocolate waffles offer a unique experience beyond the typical Nutella fare. Every dish is meticulously researched and prepared fresh, reflecting the dedication of the all-women director board, that fosters a nurturing and thoughtful approach. Engaging with clients through feedback and updates, Waffle World's strategy revolves around serving the best waffles in the country, a true taste of authenticity and quality.

Future Roadmap
“We feel the overall experience given to the customer needs to be memorable. Our way of inviting customers to newly launched stalls is one of the most attractive openings one can ask for. We give away free waffles to our first 500 customers. Creating excitement and welcoming customers as our guest is the hospitality we offer, and will continue to do the same”, further shares Nidhi.

Waffle World is on a mission to establish over 100 outlets by 2025. With a strong focus on enhancing its networking capabilities over the next two years, the company is partnering with Village Court, which has proven to be a decision aligned with this vision. Waffle World aims to make fifty of the upcoming outlets part of an enticing international endeavor, offering an all-inclusive experience encompassing entertainment, food, and unparalleled shopping delights. Additionally, the firm is planning the introduction of event stalls that will cater to weddings, seminars, corporate gatherings, and more, further solidifying Waffle World's presence. The company is thrilled to announce imminent openings in Pune and Gurgaon, which is just the start of the company’s exciting journey, with immense opportunities to seize ahead.