TrekNomads: Introducing People To The Mountains Through Premium, All-Inclusive, Safe Treks

Naveen Mallesh,  FounderThe world is catching-up to trekking, and India is not far behind. With the Himalayas, Western Ghats and many national parks, India offers wonderful opportunities for trek enthusiasts. Gone are the days when trekking and wilderness were meant for rugged personalities. With comfortable and all inclusive treks, Bangalore-based TrekNomads is promoting premium trekking experiences meant for everyone.

“As a community, our core focus lies on building all inclusive itineraries with the concept of Trek, Travel & Adventure that are meant for people coming from all walks of life. Along with our fixed departures, we also have corporate, family and group outings, women only treks and treks for the specially abled that is a part of our inventory,” says Naveen Mallesh, Founder, TrekNomads. For helping people experience quality trekking and explore nature in the safest way possible TrekNomads provides comfortable deluxe/semi deluxe accommodation insurance inclusive packages for every departure, guides from the local community, well maintained logistics and trained & certified trek leads.

With inventory ranging from one day treks around Bangalore to multiday high altitude treks in the Himalayasand even international treks in Nepal and Tanzania, TrekNomads offers a wide range of options for every level of trekkers. “We take amateur trekkers who started trekking with us on one-day treks and eventually help them graduate to taking-up challenging Himalayan treks,” says Naveen. With local sustainability and responsible trekking as a prime focus cleaning the trails is a part of every trek, thus helping our Nomads do their bit to save nature.

Ensuring Safety Of Every Trekker
Exploring nature could be fun adventurous and thrilling, but it is paramount to ensure
safety for a worry free experience. Hiring of trek leaders who have completed a basic mountaineering course and having a fair share of knowledge about basic first aid makes sure that medical situations are taken care of in the right way. The ratio of one trek leader for 10 trekkers ensures that the trek leader has eyes on every trekker. As a rule, TrekNomads never takes its customers on paths where it has not been on before. “Knowing the terrain, the areas and ensuring that everything is good in terms of quality is incredibly important before adding the trek to our inventory,” explains Naveen.

Treknomads helps nomads start their trekking journey with small treks and eventually helps them graduate to high-altitude himalayan treks

Coming from startup backgrounds both Naveen and Mahendra Rathod (Strategic & Finance Consultant) have extensive experience in how businesses are built, how they function and perceiving what works &what doesn’t. They spent two and a half

years understanding the ground realities of everything from logistics to permits, rules, regulations, and building relationships on the ground, and realized they could not only help the local communities thrive, but also help all kinds of people explore the mountains with the help of a technology platform.

The duo has so far been successful in their venture, as TrekNomads is growing with a 200 percent year on year revenue growth since its inception last year. They have also been recognized by Startup India and Startup Karnataka, and is among the very few adventure sports operators in India who comply with the rules, permits, safety and forest & wildlife regulations set by the government. The unique business model allows the company to partner with a good number of brands, including four Decathlon stores in Bangalore,Fast& Up and other listing companies. With an intention of introducing more people to nature, TrekNomads has set an ambitious target of taking 5000 people on treks in the next couple of years.