• Add Ventures Unlimited: A Passion - Driven Coterie Concocting Unexplored Ventures
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    Add Ventures Unlimited: A Passion - Driven Coterie Concocting Unexplored Ventures

    In a country with tourism offered in varied aspects like culture, nature, heritage, education, business, sports, medical, cruise and many others, there is no wonder that adventure tourism has been growing in leaps and bounds. But what is it that truly instigates the present day travellers to trek, bike, backpack or opt for an adventure trip? Well, the stimuli are manifold to rejuvenate from monotonous work life, to genuinely explore new places, to immerse one’s self in nature & new people, to gain self-understanding, to capture the best of nature or a perfect Facebook/Instagram DP. At times, people just want to emulate their friend’s travel experiences on social media and visit the same place. But the present scenarios are gradually shifting from the most-preferred over toursim...

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