Trekmunk: Thrill Mongers in Peddling Venture Trials for Hikers

Mohit Goswami, Director

Mohit Goswami


Are you craving for adventure? Then you are definitely viewing the right content. Let’s rewind the last time you had put on your back packs to hike the edgy mountains, capturing the perfect portraiture, framing purple snow-clad ranges. Aren’t there yet? How about feeling the freezing mountain breeze to fondle your senses where the sky is ablaze with the fiery warmth of the setting sun. Well, this would have tricked you with a sudden rush to go on-board. Behold backpackers let’s introduce you to Trekmunk, one of the most reliable travel hosts to en route trek events to jolly-up your weekend plans. Still troubled about the bouts? Trekmunkers follow-up with updates on the tracks beforehand and ensures the plans are executed safely so that the hikers can rove the plummets without sacrificing comfort during the trek.

The sole reason to string along Trekmunk is its Fixed Departure treks. These are not only gender neutral & pocket friendly but an adventure seeker’s sanctuary to tick-off their bucket list. The treks are budget packaged and conducted in batches of 16 with a class of like minded people, entailing the best backpacker travel experiences ever. Its irresistible destination packages has 90 plus trekking trips comprising Stok Kangri Trek (most popular among the power hikers), Kashmir Great Lakes trek, Meghalaya Backpacking and the Hampta Pass trek, conducted throughout the year.

The destination details are listed at Trekmunks official website where the trips can be easily sorted as per the holiday type, difficulty level and pricing models keeping a free end for the visitors. Plus the website serves as the database of all the trekking stories and experiences which are exclusively meant for beginners caulk in inspiration. While booking the treks/tours, the website assures a secure payment gateway and has provisions for other payment options as well. Further, it maintains an adept inhouse CRM system where all queries are attended with utmost care and under expert vices in case of special requirements and more.

Trekmunk’s company byline goes by ‘whatever your style is, see it your way’. Be it 'Trek For a Cause/ or customized adventure its team of ‘trekxperts’, Mohit Goswami, Oshank Soni & Harshit Patel (Directors, Trekmunk) with Ashish Pathania (Operations Manager) cater to all. Till date, they have participated in 100s of Himalayan treks and
assisted many adventure rookies for offbeat treks at great heights in conquering the well conserved & the timeless beauty of Himalayas. Moreover, this adventure company offers customized trekking, biking and backpacking tours where the destitutions are decided upon seasonal accessibility of the spots. Poising as a personal adventure consultant from hermit hikers to solotrekkers, it offers tailor made treks/tours as per the needs and likes of the tour participants.

From hermit hikers to solo-trekkers it offers tailor-made treks/tours as per the needs and likes of the tour participants

Overreaching excellence in organizing treks and tours earned Trekmunk with awards and allocates since 2016. It has been featured in many travel journals in bringing the change in the industry and also received a certificate of excellence by TripAdvisor in 2019. In endorsing quality treks, this outdoor foundation holds affiliation with ATOAI, IATO, Eco tourism society of India and an impending affiliation with Indian Mountaineering Foundation as well.

Roving the Backcountry
Tramping challenging routes is the only way to unveil the best kept secrets of the magnanimous mountains. No wonder for years it had been overwhelming for the avid trekkers to skirt amidst snow to quench their wanderlust. Considering the risk-factors, for three years, Trekmunk is organizing the Offbeat Treks and has taken 2000+ trekkers with zero fatality rate. Such assurance can only be promised upon robust planning and discipline. Thus, before confirming any trips it ensures whether the person is fit enough to participate in the trek. Afterward, according to the people strength for each batch, it decides the field team of trek leaders as well as the certified mountain guides to assist the trip. To ensure safety at the go, the trek leaders bear NOLS certified wilderness first responders & medical kits, Oxymeter and an emergency Oxygen Cylinder followed by regular health checkups for any symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness.

Upon any force majeure cause, Trekmunk’s field team is well- trained to handle any emergencies. During the trek, the communications are maintained on walkie talkies, where upon any emergency, the base camp can be contacted to send immediate help as the situation demand. For worst case scenarios, helicopter rescues are arranged on the location, where its trained trek guides can help the person in distress to relocate for immediate measures. Furthermore, the inhouse guidelines affirms the minimum age to attend the treks is 10 years (for easy treks), physical to metal fitness is a must, baggages should to be lighter than one can carry, no suitcases and more.

Contributing for a greater cause, Trekmunk has started with an initiative called ‘'Trek for a cause’. Here, with team of volunteers, it supplies basic amenities to high altitude & remote villages to cut down the miseries of the humble mountain dwellers. This venture is helping to set up medical camps, literacy centers, women empowerment cells and spreading the words to choose ecofriendly trekking options and what not. Till date, over 253 people and 15 medical illnesses were benefitted with the act of benevolence. Advancing forward, in 2020, Trekmunk is about to launch Premium Level Treks to cater the upper middle class and business people, with more sophistication. As the turnover has crossed Rs.1 crore, Trekmunk is envisaging in expounding the international platforms to Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Cambodia to offer more adventures to the clientele.

Key Management
Mohit Goswami, Director
Oshank Soni, Director
Harshit Patel, Director
Ashish Pathani, Operations Manager