The Searching Souls: Bestowing the Best of Responsible & Soulful Travel Experience

Devasheesh Pant, DirectorSelfexploration which is the analysis of one’s own unrealized spiritual & intellectual capacities is an essential for finding out the true purpose of life. People need to take some time out from their busy schedules to find answers to some unasked questions. Encouraging & empowering people to take the first step towards this traversal, The Searching Souls is a Haridwar based adventure travel company that delivers a comprehensive range of experiential learning based travels & treks to a wide spectrum of audience. “Travel gives us time to think, learn new things & meet new people besides introspection and understanding different perspectives. Saint Augustine once said that the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page and I truly believe that,” says Devasheesh Pant, Director & Co-Founder, The Searching Souls.

With a believe that little changes can create a big impact, The Searching Souls envisages to deliver a responsible & soulful travel experience & diminish the ‘buzz travel’ tradition that decimates the concept of learning essence & travel health from travels. Giving back to the environment & the community, this organization is one of the few that follow a zero waste policy & employ local talents & businesses to furnish their travel needs like guiding, food & accommodation. The use of trash bags ensures litter free tours while the use of local home stays & heritage houses helps the villagers generate some income. Being both cost-effective & mutually beneficial, these measures enable the firm to furnish spectacular services without compromising on quality.

Sizeable & Seamless Service Portfolio Encompassing All Age Groups
Always on the go, the company offers an extensive portfolio that boasts of something for everybody. Possessor of a broad bandwidth, it caters to clients from school children through its experiential programs to old aged people via its 'char dham’ scheme. Its flagship offerings include Himalayan treks, leisure tours, corporate outbound training programs and outdoor learning programs for schools & colleges. The locations for these activities are accordingly chosen to create a ‘soulful’ experience. Generally, locations close to the Himalayas or a river side are considered ideal for the purpose.

Since all sorts of adventures involve an element of risk, the firm has made its suo motu to safeguard its adventurers against all mishaps. “Most of the accidents & injuries happen because the trekker is unaware of it,” reveals Devasheesh. Appropriately, the core team members (Devasheesh, Mukesh Rawat, Vishal Chaudhary & Shubham Aggarwal, Directors & Co-Founders) who themselves have over a decade of experience in Himalayan trekking & mountaineering make sure to maintain a perfect combo of different experts to deal with all unforeseen catastrophes. Thus, a core team member, trekking guides, and local hires always accompany a group. As a proactive measure, adventurers are regularly briefed about their surroundings to minimize injuries, which if
suffered is cured by trained staff members equipped with all medical amenities like first aid, stretchers, oxygen cylinders and oxymeters.

Astonishing Quality Assurance through Appointment of Adept Artisans
The efficiency & effectiveness of The Searching Souls staffs is an outcome of the rigorous hiring & training under the supervision of the core team. Close acquaintance with the local villagers enables them to identify the ideal talent, who then undergoes training in basic first aid & trekking space essentials if they clear the physical tests & behaviourial tests set for them. Moreover, the fact that the trekking guides are mountaineering course certified further reassures the adventurers of their safe travel.

Since all sorts of adventures involve an element of risk, the firm has made ITS SUO motu to safeguard ITS adventurers against all mishaps

Established in 2018 by a group of four passionate people who dared to follow their dreams, The Searching Souls is decorated with the unique idea award. Besides being certified as an adventure tour operator in Uttarakhand by Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, the company is registered with Startup India-DPIIT, and MSME, Govt. of India. A young company with less than three years of operations, The Searching Souls has been doubling its revenue every quarter! Having already made its presence known in Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh and setting an office at Dehradun, the company is in good spirits to further expand its operations.

Key Persons:
Devasheesh Pant, Director
A mechanical engineer turned mountaineer, Devasheesh looks after operations, finance & HR at The Searching Souls. He is a hardcore animal lover & a pristine photographer whose works have often been featured in renowned platforms like TOI

Mukesh Rawat, Director
A staunch believer in the philosophy of simple living & high thinking, Mukesh is a passionate trekker & fitness enthusiast with a humble attitude; He is responsible for business expansion & vendor development at the firm

Vishal Chaudhary, Director
A silent & calm person, Vishal is a hard working individual looking after Operations, administration & Legal compliances at the organization. His jolly & calm nature is often complimented by trekkers

Shubham Aggarwal, Director
A conventional thinker always in search for alternate solutions, Shubham loves to spend his leisure writing songs & creating music besides cooking. He looks after sales & marketing at the company

Offices: Haridwar (Headquarters), Dehradun
Offerings: Himalayan treks, corporate outbound training programs, leisure tours, experiential learning programs for school & college students, and 'char dham' Yatra for old people