The Body Care: Proffering Quality Cosmeceutical Products at Affordable Rate

Sadique Saifee, Managing Director

Sadique Saifee

Managing Director

The 1990s did not just witness economic liberalization in India, but also saw the most number of wins by Indian beauties (two Miss Universe: 1994 & 2000 and four Miss World: 1994, 1997, 1999 and 2000) on the international platforms, which in-turn boosted the popularity and sale of cosmeceutical products across the country. However, even though these products are effective, not all of these are safe and are often full of harmful synthetic chemicals that terribly harsh skin. Since cosmetic industry was in its nascent stage during 90s, many firms fell short in providing quality personal care products. The brand name is carried since 1987 & founded in 1994, The Body Care has carved an organic presence with its products that are 100 percent pure veg/natural & uses virgin plastics, and are parabens free, veritable and unadulterated, and not tested on animals. Since inception, the venture has evolved dramatically and become a proven leader in quality personal care product development and manufacturing.
The company’s philosophy centres on 'flexibility' and ability to meet every customer’s demands. In the virtue of same, its entire range of offerings (skin, hair, body, nail and sun care) is tailor-made, wherein each product is formulated with natural care based on individual and their problem. At The Body Care, various needs are understood and catered with most efficacious products which are created from the best of both newly discovered, as well as traditional natural ingredients. Additionally, the venture directly connects with people via exhibitions to understand their real needs and implement them while manufacturing products. The company that was visioned to service cosmetics, toiletries and personal care markets, today it provides end-to-end development service starting from product concept to product development and manufacturing of the final product.

"Till date, The Body Care has formulated over 40 highly effective personal care products in major segments with cutting edge prices and no side effects"

Understanding Customer’s Need
Rather than competing with contenders, the company endeavors to overcome customer’s problems. Since acne is considered as the most common problem among the populace, The Body Care launched acne kit, and facial creams. Its product catalogue also consists of pain-free hair removal waxes. In fact, its
chocolate and black hybrid wax are the most selling products on Amazon and Nykaa; the aroma of chocolate wax makes customers fall in love with the product, whereas being pain free serves the quality at its best. “We serve the recipe of careness in our products that are baked and maked by the natures love in your dish in form of our product, all at an affordable price. And this differentiates us from our competitors,” avers Sadique Saifee, Managing Director, The Body Care.

Continuous Innovation
Emphasizing on continuous R&D, the venture frequently formulates novel products in the market, for instance, the new range of spa products (used at home and spa) containing precious ingredients like pearl pigments, rare herb extracts, and pure essential oils that make customer epitomize luxury personal care. Furthermore, its R&D team having extensive experience in formulating prestige skin care and cosmetic products creates innovative formulas, thereby meeting client's expectation and accelerating the growth of the company. Till date, The Body Care has formulated over 40 highly effective personal care products in major segments with cutting-edge prices and no side effects (certified by IFRA and FDA). With a revenue growth of 30 percent, the venture aims to become the best selling cosmetic brand of India. “The steady success of The Body Care has grown out of vision, devotion, commitment and hard work,” concludes Sadique.