SOUL IN HARMONY: Helping Discover the Journey Within

Sandeep Pandit ,   Life Alchemist, Founder & CEO

Sandeep Pandit, Life Alchemist, Founder & CEO

The brainchild of Sandeep Pandit, a corporate-professional turned holistic well-being coach, SOUL IN HARMONY is best defined as a fast-growing unique holistic wellness collective institute that works with a mission to transform individual lives and corporate performance both by resolving personal inner conflicts and limiting beliefs. The institute offers Mindfulness, Meditation and Life Coaching through workshops and counselling sessions to individuals and professionals. “Our endeavour helps to enable the first solution of its kind, a permanent re-wiring of the human brain based on Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Subconscious Mind power with clear backing of Neuroscience. Our offerings guide individuals to go deeper within themselves to unfold and unleash the true selves that they were meant to be. There is a combination of arts and science to our approach,” speaks Sandeep.

Based on an approach of – If I am at peace, MY world is at peace, the focus of SOUL IN HARMONY is more towards changing the way an individual looks at himself. To ensure this, the institute has brilliant techniques in various formats to be imparted to the individuals. All of the programs are an amalgamation of the best practices and the latest discoveries in the world of psychology, neuroscience and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The purpose is to enable people to harness not only the massive hidden potential but also to help them understand their core values to become the best version of themselves. “Our high-level objective is to make them perform at peak potential. We wish to grow the tribe of compassionate leaders in the corporate world. We need good leaders desperately in this stressful age,” he says, “Also, at present a lot of business leaders are not realizing the importance of having a life coach. It changes every thing for themselves and the business. The result is always positive.”

CIGNA 360° Well being Survey 2018 points out that 95 percent of Indian millennials between the age
group of 18-34 are stressed compared to the global average of 86 percent. Work is the main trigger for stress. Also, 75 percent of Indians are not willing to talk about stress with medical professionals. They need to learn self-help. Giving a personal touch, SOUL IN HARMONY has its own unique integrated counselling and coaching methodology specific to an individual’s situation. Unlike other regular life coaching organizations, it measures success based on the results that it brings forth for individuals in their personal and professional life. He informs, “The Integrated approach takes the process of self-improvement to a deeper level - to the subconscious and teaches you to be on better terms with it, so as to alter thought and behaviour patterns that become habit; to challenge the straight-jacket of limiting beliefs that the conscious mind has trouble confronting.”

"Giving a personal touch, SOUL IN HARMONY has its own unique integrated counselling and coaching methodology specific to an individual’s situation"

The Silver Lining
SOUL IN HARMONY is spearheaded by a team of successful trainers and coaches who are ex-corporates and have experienced competitive corporate life and later consciously decided to guide and coach the same fraternity in their ups and downs. “We are pretty familiar with the audience we are dealing with, not only because of our past records but also because of the deep study of the human mind that we have been doing through our engagements. We practice what we preach,” Sandeep avers.

The institute offers a couple of best practices based on its consulting experience with individuals from different age-groups, socio-cultural backgrounds, financial and professional background. The team leaves no stone unturned to ensure safe bridge with the client’s mind and thus partner with them in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their potential. Over the years, the team has executed successful corporate engagements and partnered with the Hospitality sector, High-tech/ IT, HR consulting companies, Training and Development organizations, NGOs to name a few.

SOUL IN HARMONY is currently reaching out to more corporates with its one-of-a-kind holistic wellness offerings, which is the need of the hour in this stressful era. A new Program on-Workplace Emotional Resilience is being
launched to corporates looking at the growing emotional imbalance and disengaged work environment. Sandeep throwing light on this, says, “In this program, we are combining Mindfulness, subconscious mind power, Alpha Mind techniques and backing it with neuroscience for explanations. We share a lot of tools, techniques and strategies that can be readily utilized by individuals and corporates for their balance, resilience, creativity and performance ultimately fostering fulfilment, empowerment and holistic wellness.”

The Journey
In the last two years, SOUL IN HARMONY has seen a 20- 30 per cent revenue growth and is foreseeing close to 40-50 per cent revenue growth in the coming FY 2019-20. “We will be looking at engaging with corporates more for outbound mind-based retreats because these kinds of programs yield best results in an outdoor natural setting. We will also have more counselling and life coaching engagements across corporate India and few projects overseas; launch SOUL IN HARMONY app-based services, publish a book based on corporate wellness, partner with Corporate Training & Development organizations to service corporates, and conduct corporate, public and institutional workshops in multiple cities outside Bangalore and overseas,” he concludes positively.

Quick Facts
•Founding Year:2016
•KeyPerson: Mr.Sandeep Pandit(Life Alchemist, Founder & CEO)
•No. of Employees: 5

• Awards/Recognition:
1.Sandeep Pandit was voted ‘Most Innovative LifeCoach of the Year 2017’by APS Media & Research
2.He was invited to UK Health radio and Ukraine TV Show
3.Sandeep is globally certified for 3 things– Corporate Mindfulness Training, Emotional Intelligence(EI)Training and Executive Leadership coaching (Intelligent Leadership by John Mattone)
4.Was personally assessed, coached and certified by John Mattone (ex-coach of Steve Jobs and the top 3 Executive Coaches of the world) for Executive Leadership Coaching
5.Sandeep is also a Senior Trainer and consultant to Potential Project, Denmark for Corporate Mindfulness training
6.Soul in Harmony has touched more than 10,000 lives globally till date with its various impactful holistic wellness services.