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  • 10 Most Promising Life Coaching Companies - 2019

    Life and Business coaching as a well established industry is coming into light increasingly with every passing day. People belonging to the business ecosystem as well as people from the common population have realised the need to be directed by a life coach for maintaining the needed work-life balance. Proper life and business coaching have also proved to be instrumental in realising the correct measures to go about in life. In simple words, life and business coaches are those people who help individuals and businesses understand the pain points, face the challenges in life, change their habits and realise their potential for professional as well as personal growth. In order to help their employees reach the next level, several Fortune 500 companies are opting for “life...

10 Most Promising Life Coaching Companies - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Unnati Unnati Shyam Taneja, Founder Seeking to be a growth catalyst- facilitating sustainable positive changes in the quality of life and business performance
Achieve ThySelf Achieve ThySelf Arvind Khinvesra, Founder Helping clients to find specialities and discover their unique potential.
Dr. Ramon Llamba Dr. Ramon Llamba Dr. Ramon Llamba , Founder Teaching practical and proven ways to create a life of true potential that is effective, balanced and fulfilling
Hope And Happiness Coach Hope And Happiness Coach Henna Sharma, Chief Happiness Officer Aspires to spread happiness in the world by using holistic ways of integrating mind, body and spirit
NLP Minds NLP Minds Naresh Kumar, Mentor Coach & Master Trainer Inspiring and empowering people who be outliers
SOUL IN HARMONY SOUL IN HARMONY Sandeep Pandit , Life Alchemist, Founder & CEO Aims to create a world of peace, joy and harmony by providing people the intrinsic technology to deepen their experience of life, and reach their ultimate potential
Trans Human Consulting Trans Human Consulting Paritosh Sharan, Founder Developing and supporting values-based Visionary Leadership in all fields of human endeavour
Welltopia Welltopia Sandeep Gupta, Founder Director Aspiring to provide holistic care to achieve wholesome health