SonpriyaSangeet: Evoking the Senses with the Symphony of Music

Vimal K Pawar,CEO & Founder

Vimal K Pawar

CEO & Founder

From waking up to the bhajans reverberating from temples and mosques, dancing to the endless party songs at colorful weddings, celebrating a new life by singing, to withstanding the excruciating pain of bereavement through high-intensity beats, music has always been a part and parcel of Indian life. Even our history reminisces the tales of musical connoisseurs like Tansen who brought down rain performing Raga MeghMalhar and lit lamps singing Raga Deepak. Music is analogous to drugs and blessed are the ones intoxicated by it, an epitome being Vimal K Pawar, CEO and Founder of SonpriyaSangeet, who turned his passion into paycheck devoting his life to music and entertaining people. Debuted in 2004, SonpriyaSangeet is a one-stop-solution for all season’s music, with specialization in musical concerts, film hits, gazal, and dandiya. The company also performs bhajan for rituals, songs for weddings, and composes jingles and lyrics for motivational and theme songs.

SingleStop forAllEntertainment Needs
Starting with an attempt at Lehar Lehar Sangeet(A Doordarshan show),singing for
live bands and restaurant,to getting a break in spiritual singing, Vimal's journey was quite thorny. However, with constant effort he became a wow-factor winning the heart of people of all ages. Today, proudly gas conading the stunning success story of composing 600+ inspirational songs & eight devotional albums, he proficiently exhibits regular musical shows for various Indian ethnicities comprising of Marwari, Sindhi, Punjabi, Islamic and Catholic over the past 16 years with a collection of 2000+ songs. Administering everything from artist management, dancers, DJ, sound, lightings and even pear for devotional programs, the company renders such end-to-end support leaving no stones unturned in conquering milestones; one example being the spectacularly organized grand wedding of Bollywood celebrity Vivek Oberoi.

Sonpriya Sangeet is a one-stop-solution for all season’s music, with specialization in musical concerts, film hits, gazal, and dandiya

Apart from this, it also schemes out music for theme-based corporate and Antakchari shows while catering to a corporate clientele such as L&T Infotech, Subex, Cegedime, Philips, and Sabic India. Ensuring better execution and conversion rate, Sonpriya indulges in regular interactions with its clients and suggests the finest options to raise their shows, flaunting its musical specialty in three segments, namely devotional &
spiritual events, personal musical events,and public & community music concerts.

“Music existed in me from forever but it turned into a passion as a result of an extensive supportive atmosphere bequeathed by my school and Air Force life. More over, my passion to learn music is never thwarted, I’m still learning,” evokes Vimal elucidating how singing had always been his best buddies since childhood, giving him spotlight to shine as an excellent singer, fabulous lyricist, and amazing MC.

An Indian Air Force physiotherapist by profession, Vimal had the onus of organizing several splendid shows for Air Force which succored him in unfurling his musical career as a one-man-army. Whether it’s Hindi, English, or Kannada and be it Rafi, Kishore, or Mukesh, Vimal can vocal it all, versatility being a god’s gift to him when coupled with his personality makes him a people's person and an impeccable crowd-puller.

Reciprocating his struggles, Vimal ideated Svar Sangam Seva Sansthan, an initiative providing a platform for not-so-fortunate young talents. Further, he reflects his social side through means such as dedication program for war-widows, theme-related compositions for cancer awareness and Swastik Seva Trust (for culture and society), motivational session for autistic children at the Colour Center for Autism, and so on.