Snakes & Ladders: Furnishing a Rich Childhood with Well- Balanced Social, Behavioural & Physical Development

 Vishnu & Dhatri , FoundersHumans learn the most when they are young and form the base of their understanding. When the tiny feet start their journey of life, it is the duty of our wiser hands to guide them and show the true meaning of enjoying what life has to offer us. It is especially a dire necessity today as we are living in an era, where the children are losing their childhood to technology, and captivated by mobile & video games and cartoons on TV. Lending a helping hand, Snakes & Ladders, an electronics-free entertainment zone for kids offers a number of engaging activities that enhances the motor skills, mental abilities & the social interaction finesse of children, all the while colouring their childhood with joyous experience.

Strongly believing that 'Joy is precious & Joy of children is more precious than anything in one's life', Snakes & Ladders provides a fun zone filled with interesting physical activity and entertainment corner for children in non-electronic entertainment territory in affordable prices. A soft play
area which is pollution free, hygienic and safe play zone provides children the all-needed physical activity. While parents can be tension-free and leave the children among their peers for a great experience in the safe & secure zone, the centre's fully air-conditioned play zone also allows the parents & grandparents to accompany them in the vicinity, thereby creating memorable experience for both children and parents alike. Snakes & Ladders has emerged as a 'Favourite Neighbourhood Playzone' for children with multiple centers giving them an opportunity to enjoy the vast play areas that induces their curiosity & imagination

A strong believer in continuousimprovement, Snakes & Ladders constantly introduces new items in play areas, adds the best to its infrastructure and at the same time offers independent and regular services

The centers are gaining ever increasing popularity for children parties among parents and for fun trips among schools. “The activities designed, ensure a balance in social, behavioural and physical development of the children. They learn about signs, symbols and taking responsibility along with important social values through the activities incorporated
carefully,” explains Vishnu, Founder, Snakes & Ladders.

Snakes & Ladders has very recently launched two new centres and is expanding PAN India through franchisee mode. A strong believer in continuous improvement,Snakes & Ladders constantly introduces new items in play areas, adds the best to its infrastructure and at the same time offers independent and regular services keeping note of the feedback from parents. Having incorporated several newest ideas and innovations into modules that are intriguing enough to keep a child away from electronic gadgets, Snakes & Ladders looks forward in bringing the old childhood fun and helping parents raise a child in the way it should be – among peers and naturally.

“It has been observed that children who visit our centers frequently have improved their analytical, social skills and have a better understanding if sharing, friendship and respect towards the neighbour.One of the reasons, our centers are recommended by child development experts to help children with physical and developmentalchallenges.” details Dhatri, Founder, Snakes & Ladders

Snakes & Ladders provides their centers free of cost for orphanages and other social service wings that help children. “This is our small contribution to the society and is a privilege we got the chance to help build a better future generation. We will do the best we can to achieve this.” Say the founders of Snakes & Ladders.