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Naresh Kumar,  Mentor Coach & Master Trainer

Naresh Kumar, Mentor Coach & Master Trainer
Knowing well that life can be rough, we at times seek a professional to guide us through the ups and downs; someone who can inspire us to maximize our personal and professional potential by thought-provoking and resourceful sessions. This is where life coaching comes in. Agendas in Life Coaching focus on hope, meaning, aspirations and the future. This form of coaching concentrates on what could be, even more than what currently is.Bangalore based NLP Minds is an initiative of people who are passionate about expanding human potential through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The institute aims to create a dent in the Universal Consciousness and make this world a better place to live by creating excellent coaches and therapists.

Even though Life Coaching is a fulfilling career - the initial motivation wears out fast if the coach is unable to sustain himself financially. This is the reason why many coaches with a great potential move out of the coaching business without even breaking-even. NLP Minds rests more emphasis on developing a business mindset for the coaches. “Most of the new coaches come to Life Coaching because they want to earn handsomely while making a positive difference in this world. When done rightly, it is a rewarding career. The emphasis of our programs is to train new coaches not only in various speciality niches but also how to develop a business mindset. From a technical perspective, we teach new coaches to coach clients using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching models. It generates faster and lasting results in lesser time,” explains Naresh Kumar. The
institute offers Life Coach, NLP Coach and Wellness Coach Certifications along with four levels of NLP trainings. The training is conducted online as well as in classroom format.

"The emphasis of NLP Minds programs is to train new coaches not only in various speciality niches, but also on developing business mindset essential to succeed in this career"

NLP Minds is the brain child of Naresh Kumar, an Author, NLP Trainer, Hypnotist and Mind Coach mentored by Dr William Horton (Founder NFNLP USA). A Can field Certified Success Principles Trainer from Can field Training Group, Naresh has undertaken several hours of study and undergone hundreds of hours of training to hone his skills as a Coach and NLP Trainer. He is skilled in the areas of NLP, EFT, Hypnosis and New Age Thought.

The Silver Lining
It is NLP Minds’ focus towards developing a business mindset and providing a turn-key system for Coaching is what helps it gain a competitive edge over others. It provides some of the best and easy-to-understand coaching materials for individuals and organizations. “We also provide various working forms, worksheets, planning formats, models and templates, so that one can coach straightaway after the program without spending much effort on the details,” he says.

Primarily NLP Minds works with two set of clients. The first set consists of those who are looking for 1:1 coaching to overcome career challenges, relationship issues, wellness goals, and challenges in manifestation. The team guides these clients by helping them be clear about their goals and define those goals more crisply, setting milestones and hand-holding them throughout their journey to reach those goals. In the process, they help them with getting rid of any mental blocks that they encounter.

The other set of clients are aspiring coaches. “These people want to do some thing more meaningful than what they are doing currently. They
have heard or read about Life Coaching on the Internet, and in some cases have themselves benefitted from Life Coaching. They are either looking for Life Coaching as a second career or a side hustle along with their regular career, Naresh mentions. This group also comprises of existing therapists, counsellors, trainers and HR Professionals, who want to add Coaching to their existing offerings and add more value to their clients or organizations. For such clients, NLP and Coach training are organized. All NLP based trainings are accredited to NFNLP (National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming), USA.

The Road Ahead
NLP Minds is continuously working towards increasing the breadth and depth of topics covered in the modules. “In the years to come, we are looking at increasing our existing strength so that we are able to conduct more programs at National and International levels,” concludes Naresh.

Life coaching programs
NLP Minds offer the following programs
Certified NLP Coach: The demand for NLP Coaches is increasing day by day for Life Coaching as well as Coaching in Organizations. We call Coaching with NLP as Coaching on Steroids. NLP has got several Coaching Models which help you create great clarity, and generate faster and lasting results for your clients - thereby generating great ROI for the clients.

Certified Wellness Coach: Wellness is a multi-billion dollar industry today. Similar to NLP Coaches, the demand for Wellness Coaches is also increasing with individuals as well as organizations who want to keep their workforce in good health. In this program, the emphasis is to equip you with various Wellness Models and Wellness Coaching Frameworks.

Certified Group Coach: Group Coaching is your bread and butter as a Coach. Whether it is India or any other country, a coach who works with groups earns more in lesser time. In this program you are taught group facilitation and group coaching skills.