Knot Married: Transforming Dream Weddings into Reality

Rishi Tripathi, Director“You dream of a fabulous wedding and you will get it,” avows Rishi Tripathi, Director, Knot Married, elucidating how his Mumbai-based company, which is a boutique destination wedding planning agency, goes an extra mile in delivering a picture perfect wedding. It brings to mind the Bollywood movie ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ which shined a spotlight on the commendable efforts put in by the wedding planners in concocting memorable, spectacular, and enjoyable weddings. Ensconced in April 2017, Knot Married is a venture of Pegasus Conference Pvt. Ltd., a 22-year-old premium event management agency in India. Associated with all the major brands of the country (Procter and Gamble, Audi, and so on) Pegasus’ brand name and experience is Knot Marrieds’ greatest asset.

Happy Wedding Personified
From the instant a wedding is finalized, Knot Married is all ready to roll with its end-to-end solutions, encompassing

every thing from planning to designing and executing your big, so that the only task left with the client is to sit back and enjoy.“Knot Marrieds’ collaboration with almost all big hotel brands across India is its magic wand behind accomplishing 50 plus grand weddings in a short span of eight months. Due to the relation we share between all premium hotels in India working on any query has never been any. Moreover, it proudly owns a very capable professional operation scheme signed with all the registered vendors across India, enabling it to function any where - be it is a palatial destination wedding in Rajasthan, hill-station wedding in Moussoorie, or a beach wedding in Goa.

The company tailor's exclusive packages based on its clients’ needs, taste, and budget offering its services from venue booking & management to honeymoon packages

However, destination weddings are cumber some with headaches like logistics, venue booking, transport, hospitality, and much more. Proffering utmost comfort to its clients with respect to the selection of venue, the right tariff, and so forth, Knot Married with its fresh
& unique approach to wedding planning & designing and its ability to merge traditional tastes with contemporary touches, carves destination weddings with grandiosity.

With a clear knowledge regarding the diverse cultures and traditions of Indian weddings, Knot Married is geared up to cater to any community, whether it is a Marwari wedding, Punjabi wedding, or even a Christian wedding as its team is never cut-off from a particular culture. Further, it is a one-stop-shop for all wedding services, from planning and ideating to coordinating with vendors and guests, and managing everything in between. The company tailor’s exclusive packages based on its clients’ needs, taste, and budget offering its services from venue booking & management to honeymoon packages.

A panel of expert and experienced people from the industry at its helm and a dedicated team of 30 employees are the company’s backbone, enabling them to operate from several locations across India and popularly in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. Working with certain income and event targets for itself, the company is in pursuit of becoming one of the top 10 wedding planners in India.