• Wedding Planners: Transforming Your Dream Wedding into Reality
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    Wedding Planners: Transforming Your Dream Wedding into Reality

    For some one unaccustomed to the Indian culture, Indian weddings may seem to be a combination of colour, grandeur, large families and to some extent, a lot of noise. However, weddings in Indi a, surpasses the notion of being ‘just a function’ and go well beyond as a status symbol and one of the most important event of a person and his/her family’s life that can be talk of the town for several days. The rich ethnicity and cultural diversity adds to the splendour of the Indian wedding that creates a deeper idea of how this important aspect that is not only bringing together two people but two families as well. Where there is demand, there needs to be a supply and the wedding industry is traversing on the same line and witnessing a phenomenal rise of enthusiasts who are now stepping...


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