Kipepeo: An Expert Itinerant of Adventure Tourism in the North Eastern India

 Piran Elavia,  FounderThe trivia of geo diversity in the outlandish montane greens spread across the verdant catchments curved by perennial watersheds had rattled the many minds to rediscover Arunachal Pradesh. Those who are yet to witness the untamed glamour of the dawn lit mountains, they are majorly missing the best preserved beauty of India. Fuelling the vagary of many travelers, Kipepeo is specialized in organizing treks across the North Eastern India, mostly at the temperate forest and the alpine plateaus of Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. Operating in this fixed boundary for a decade has made it an expert travel buff of this region. Hence, be it cultural, adventure or photographic tourism, from biking to hiking and family trips, it caters to all interest of the clients.

“For us, it is not just where you travel, but also how you travel” states Piran Elavia, Founder, Kipepeo. As tourism is booming in these preserved shores of India, it is becoming more vulnerable to environmental exploitation thereby disturbing its fragile ecosystem. North East India being the most bio diverse and culturally rich counter part of India, as a responsible tourism venture, Kipepeo is extending its helping hand to minimize such impacts on the environment and the culture of the local environment. In

entailing an enigmatic tour experience for the participants, it engages the locales from the surrounding villages where they actively partake as guides, porters and in many other activities.

The inception of the Kippepeo has quite an interesting back story. After quitting his day job as an IT expert, Piran got associated with several NGOs where he was assisting for community tourism projects which were held at North Sikkim and North East. During the stay of about one and half years, he gradually learned about the local culture and their livelihood, which encouraged him to start his own tourism venture to culminate a vibrant portraiture of culture and etiquettes they preserve. Since 2010, Kippepeo is promoting tourism in North Eastern India and Sikkim by encouraging city dwellers to divulge from the urban comforts and attend the off-route tours offered by no others in the industry.

Be it cultural,adventure or photographic tourism, from biking to hiking and family trips, Kipepeo caters to all interest of the clients

Busting the Concerns
Conducting offroute treks concerns both safety and accessibility. As most of its adventure destinations and Fixed Departure trips are conducted at remote locations, despite of the usual hurdles Kipepeo ensures firsthand experience at every tour it organizes. The trips are conducted in groups under expert guides to never miss out on the details, be it the geography of the terrain or the natural ecology the area bears. Upon request, the trips are customizable based on the itineraries as per taste and the participant’s need.

Safety being the major concern during the treks, before starting the journey, Kipepeo keeps the clients updated with a short briefing about the rules and regulations that needs to be followed during the trip. The addressed concerns comprise sanitary hygiene, baggage weight, environment safety and more. In addition to this, Kipepeo’s tour guides hold special certification in offering first-aids during any medical emergencies. Keeping safety in mind, it provides the quality tenting equipment and for stay, only two members are allowed in one tent. As far as health is concerned, it has hygienic provisions for the tour members. Piran concludes, “We are gradually scouting new adventure destinations every two years and are expecting a 20 percent growth in the revenue in the financial year”.