Jibhi Adventure: Crafting Anthropologically Inspired Personalized Programs

Lalit Kumar,  Founder

Lalit Kumar


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly like a bird, plunge into the water and walk in the clouds while trekking in the mountains: collating an experience with energetic and thrilling adventurous sports and activities? How about rejuvenating amidst the heavenly abode, in the land of snowy mountains?

Located in the valley of Gods Kullu, Jibhi Adventure caters to diverse interests of people like adventure sports, trekking, mountaineering, tours, environment conservation, social work and many others. It combines them all together to craft anthropologically inspired personalized programs that help one learn about the culture and connect with the society, to take back memories for a lifetime.

Nestled in the Banjar valley of Himachal Pradesh, Jibhi Adventure was started by a group of young enthusiastic people with a common goal of providing reliable, hassle-free & memorable experiences to tourists, while at the same time sustain & develop local economy preserve culture, community and environment. Unlike other companies that offer a slew of options and focus on generating mere business, Jibhi Adventure strives to offer a genuinely woven adventure sports and trekking experience through their services and facilities. Also, the company ensures to feed the cultural interests of people through its tourism company without hindering the cultural sentiments of the people living there.

Jibhi Adventure strives to offer a genuinely woven adventure sports and trekking experience through their services and facilities

Determined to build experiences, Jibhi Adventure provides its customers with a sojourn at its comfortable lodging space, ‘Wilderness Homes Jibhi’. Alongside, it also endows its customers with the fresh farm products harvested from its own organic farms and orchards for its kitchen needs. “I have worked as an intern, volunteer and an expert with several corporate in Delhi, Kerela, Goa, Rajasthan & other places, and found a huge difference between the life there and here in Himachal. Born and brought up in Jibhi, I am determined to preserve the ecosystem of the mountains by training and creating such youths who promote local tourism of Himachal rather than migrating to cities,” avers Lalit Kumar, Founder, Jibhi Adventure.

Counting on Quality
Having emerged as one of the most recommended adventure sports and trekking companies serving known MNCs like Deloitte and various others over a decade, Jibhi Adventure is more focused on their service quality rather than quantity. Acknowledged for providing well researched safe and secure adventure sports programs and excursions, inclusive of various activities like flying fox, rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, angling, trekking, mountaineering and many others, Jibhi Adventure has made some add-ons to it including well-being programs like yoga retreats and healing forest walks, all wrapped with the element of safety & security.

Established in 2009, the company has been growing through word of mouth and has witnessed a tremendous growth in the previous years. It also strives to create a different vibe in the valley with more attention to ecology and respect for local life. Guiding one along the real hustle and bustle of life, preparing for the life’s challenges, Jibhi Adventure defines its adventurous excursions in their real sense. You are welcome with all the warmth the valley and its people can offer.