Jain Soap: Leading Soaps and Premium Cosmetics Manufacturing Firm

Lalit Bachhawat, Aman Bachhawat, & Kalpesh Bachhawat,Directors

Lalit Bachhawat, Director

Aman Bachhawat, COO

Ahmedabad based, Jain Soap has been reigning the industry as the leading producer of superior quality Soaps and Premium Cosmetics for the last 49 years. The wide range of products manufactured by the firm can be catalogued as face wash, creams, lotions, sunscreens and many essentials. Its contract manufacturing aspect has empowered the company to have an extensive apprehension of the individual exigencies of brands and customers. And this is what keeps Jain Soap at the fore-front, equipping the community with products concocted considering their preferences. "Our strong suit lies in manufacturing all kinds of Cosmetics and Soaps that suits the distinct needs of our unique customers. Our products and our endeavours have received accreditation from popular labs around the world," narrates Lalit Bachhawat, Director, Jain Soap.

The company pays utmost heed to safety and security and that is the reason why each of its produce is passed through vigorous tests and scrutiny. Furthermore, to ensure that the products are fit to use and stable,
few samples are proffered to the clients in advance in order to work on the feedback on time. "Our clienteles are mainly Indian but we do have links with few foreign associations. We do import few premium actives from countries like Japan, USA, France, South Korea and others. Each product is different from the other and so are their prices. As a matter of fact, our main focus is quality rather than pricing so we ensure that each and every product that we deliver to our customers is properly checked. We have also set up a R&D lab for developing new personal care formulation," avers Aman Bachhawat, COO.

The development of the company can be estimated by evaluating its remarkable period of existence. Traversing in the industry for about half a century, Jain Soap has created a legacy of its own and successfully served the accelerating demand of premium cosmetics in the market. Over the years, the company has observed enormous development and expansion. Jain Soap witnessed a revenue growth of more than 40 per cent in fiscal year 2019, which is much higher than the average growth of entire industry. "We have lived an incredibly wonderful journey adhering to the motto of serving our clients with the finest soap & cosmetics. Our effort has secured us an impressive stature in the market and an extensive client base. We hold a track record of not only understanding but satiating our customers' skin care and health requisites. This behaviour of us has kept us ahead of the curve, making us the most preferred premium cosmetics brand that eventually helped us observe 100 per cent customer retention rate," Lalit adds.

Jain Soap has created a legacy of its own and successfully served the accelerating demand of premium cosmetics in the market

For the coming times, Jain Soap is envisaging to add new dimensions to its manoeuvres. Understanding the lee ways and opportunities in the space, the company is all set to contrive new formulations to measure up the rising consumer preferences. To take the business to the next level, it is focusing on launching the brand on the online platform; this will enable the firm to reach the mass and facilitate them with top-quality products.