Hope and Happiness Coach: Where Coaching brings a Whole New Level of Efficacy and Effectiveness

Henna Sharma,  Chief Happiness Officer

Henna Sharma, Chief Happiness Officer

9.9 percent of the people on earth live for their own but it’s the 0.1 percent who dedicate their lives in making the whole of humanity get better! True happiness is found in living for greater good and spreading happiness.

Henna Sharma, an ICF Certified Happiness Coach and a Heal Your Life Licensed WorkshopFacilitator, believes in spreading happiness in the world by using holistic ways of integrating mind, body and spirit. Henna envisions a world where people are happy, compassionate and living up to their full potential. It was after a long stint with some of the biggest names in the global corporate world that Henna made up her mind to shift gears and explore other avenues.

This process of self-discovery and creating balance in life gave her great personal power. “I realized that many others are just living life day-by-day and not experiencing joy and richness of the life’s tapestry despite having a job and family. That made me narrow down to a decision to devote my life towards working with people and helping them master the skills required to enhance the way they experience life,” speaks Henna. This marked the beginning of Hope and Happiness

The uniqueness of Hope and Happiness Coach lies in the fact that it leverages the latest research and combines it with the age-old traditions to take coaching to a whole new level of efficacy and effectiveness, leading to faster and permanent transformation. “A change in the way thoughts are
processed by one’s mind brings a wholesome and permanent change in one’s life. While working with clients we not only handhold them to achieve their intended goals but also help bring about total transformation across all spheres of their lives,” she mentions.

The Idea behind a Noble Thought
Hope and Happiness Coach is purely a work of heart. Henna’s personal agenda of doing good to others ignited passion in her to help people at every level in experiencing the happiness they truly deserve. “We are bringing this new concept in the start-up ecosystem and going forward we believe that more and more people and companies will opt for happiness coaching as happy employees create happy customers,” smiles Henna.

"Hope and Happiness Coach support charitable organizations, hospitals and do food drives to bring happiness in everyone's life"

Behind driving the company towards business excellence, Henna acknowledges her family to be the source of support. In fact, this is a dream that she and her husband have nurtured together. She asserts, “The new work comes to us through the recommendation of existing clients and when people around them notice the transformation. My clients have been the engine driving the growth of our work by promoting and recommending us to their friends, families, companies and even media houses. Some of my clients have started collaborating with me and are aware of the high standards of integrity, compassion and commitment that we hold.”

Hope and Happiness Coach, indeed, has come a long way, leaving behind all the great difficulties that existed during the initial months. She adds, “I had to learn and unlearn many things to understand how business works. The good thing is that I had the right guidance from the right people and I am a believer of the fact that when you are completely passionate about some thing and take action, the people around you
are also helpful and support your dream. Constant learning and perseverance are also one of the reasons for our growth.”

Today,the company provides one on one and group coaching for individuals and corporates and conducts workshops based on emotional healing, happiness, loving yourself and success mindset. The coaching sessions are customized as per the need of the clients. There is also after session support by email and phone. “There are support groups post intervention that help us stay connected and plan meet ups & booster sessions for sharing and learning experience. Apart from these, we conduct speaking events at schools, colleges and various other platforms that provide the audience with an opportunity to self reflect, empower and discover their beliefs,” she further adds.

The Path Travelled
With due credits to all of its clients, the company has been rapidly growing and has garnered clients across multiple cities in India as well as US, Middle East, and Europe. It has plans to soon venture into the corporate sector. “It is amazing to see the growth of both the leaders as well as the organization that happens after our coaching sessions. The way they listen, communicate and raise the level of consciousness at the workplace and create a balance in their personal life too,” she avers.

Henna Sharma, Chief Happiness Officer
I have had the good fortune of having a varied and interesting life, not free from challenges and adversity but shaped by it. So empower yourself through your journey with self-knowledge and transform the challenges into opportunities for a new way of loving and living.

The change begins with you. Whether you are an individual or an organization, take positive action today to make a small yet permanent change in your life. A journey ofthousand miles begins with one step.