Green Minds: Making Lives Better!

Abirambika Ravivarman,  Founder

Abirambika Ravivarman, Founder

The twenty first century has certainly offered us a heaven-sent lifestyle that is full of opportunities and a high standard of living. Yet this way of life has also given rise to a lot of perplexities and nerve-wracking circumstances. The constant pressure on each one of us to fit into the miscellaneous expectations and demands has definitely escalated distress, anxiety, self-deprecation and other muddling issues. In such situations it is obvious for us to look for some sort of advice, moral support or solace that will give us the strength to take a shot at the gremlins that life throws at us. And so, people these days are approaching life coaches who with their skills and valuable plan of actions help a person lead a life of higher worth. A life coach basically uses its unique adroitness to analyse a person’s life and develop strategies to pin down the inner problems and tackle the topsyturvy situations that staves off them from moving ahead.

With such objectives Abirambika Ravivarman, a life, sustainability and parent coach has been helping peo¬ple understand the power that lies within them through the life coaching centre ‘Green Minds’- where she guides, supports and nudges individuals by conducting various programmes and classes. As a life coach she is encouraging corporates, women, children and youths to live an upgraded life. She calls it Lifefulness – Live with Inner Focus and Evolve with fulness. She is also a professional speaker and
talks on the topic‘The Real You’. For corporates she conducts a unique behavioural wellness program called ‘Transformational Intelligence’ which is the knowledge and know-how of how to identify the self and have great life. It helps the employees to identifythemselves with the organization’s environment and make connections that will help them perform to their fullest potential.

"Evaluate The Purpose Of Our Existence"

Being an entrepreneur, a wife and a mother, Abirambika very well understands the quandary an individual lives through whilemaintaining time and responsibilities between work and family. In fact at one point of time she herself was caught in this situation. While she was going through this face in her life she came across the concept of life coaching which riveted her so much that she resoluted to start a life coaching centre of her own whereshe could help people bring stability to an imbalanced life and aid them make headway towards a better future. “Learning about the Law of attraction has unfolded many mysteries and values of life. These enabled me to realise the purpose of my existence. I therefore decided to influence other’s life too. So I decided to initiate Green Minds where I conducted classes for mentoring both children and adults on talent building, life-skills, power of thought, mindfulness, and sustainability skills,” states Abirambika.

Lifefulness’ concept brooded out from Green Minds. In this life coaching centre, Abirambika administers many real time workshops to engage people into various activities. These activities are performed to enable a person to fathom the inner self. The main purpose here is to find out answers to the many questions related to life and simultaneously motivate,
determine and of course help people make important life transition. “I treat every client with utmost care. I get them to the core of the issue, help them analyse and build a solution. I carry out these real time activities to make people not only understand but explore their wants, build their confidence and restore belief in them,” voices Abirambika.

"I believe everyone has the answers to their problems, challenges within themselves and have the capability to make an awesome life. We will be able to do that, enjoy our lives and get over the feeling of emptiness only if we nurture our thoughts, ideas and work towards evaluating the purpose of our existence by connecting with ourselves deeper"

Lifefulness’ coaching services are extended to teenagers also which in itself is a unique attribute. Teenage is the most vexatious period of life and teens may feel deeply troubled with countless issues. Abirambika concocts strategies to resolve the difficulties and dispense advice, support, care and wisdom to such adolescents. Along with this she also aims at strengthening the parents-children relationship which suffers a lot of variance. “Teenagers undergo a lot of emotional turmoil and they hardly share with anyone and this makes them embitter. So in our life coaching classes we try to restore their energy and knowledge through the right guidance. We help them to share their thoughts and ideas and express themselves freely. We focus on reinforcing the relationship between the parents and the child by bringing them closer to each other,” speaks Abirambika.

Hence, Abirambika aims at reconciling the positive energy and poise in individuals who suffer from complexities and self-doubts. She entices people to focus on the good energy that will keep them swaggering ahead in life.