Flora Wedding Planners: Producing Magnificent Customized Weddings within Clients' Planned Budget

Reshma Srijay,CEOEver since economic liberalization up-scaled the wedding planning business, drastic transformations are seen in the industry. With most people busy in their careers and life, organizing and elaborating arrangements for weddings without professional help has become impossible. Making this once in a lifetime event special with beautiful attires, venue, food menu, flowers and especially the theme is a Herculean task. However, Flora Wedding Planners hasn’t repeated the same theme twice, despite accomplishing more than 750 weddings within five years, which speaks volumes about its creativity, network connections and unswerving passion. In a city like Coimbatore, where hiring a wedding planner is perceived as a costly affair, Flora has been proving them that a good wedding planner is the only person who can help them attain the best services in the industry within their budget.

Delivering end-to-end wedding planning & designing services since 2012,Flora stands apart by acknowledging the clients vision (even if it’s from movie or another wedding), elucidating
clients regarding the latest trends and amalgamating both of them to bring alive a splendid experience within the planned budget. Rather than selling its designs and pushing its ideas on clients, it serves them as per their wish. This client focus has helped it to expand its territory rapidly and open its own decor production in a year. Besides planning and designing weddings around Coimbatore, Chennai, Salem, Bangalore and Hyderabad, it has also performed destination weddings in Kerala and Ooty.

Flora offers a wide array of services like preparing exclusive invites for different groups like colleagues, peers & family, managing the guests’ travel plans and accommodation with pick-drop from airport

Flora offers a wide array of services like preparing exclusive invites for different groups like colleagues, peers & family, managing the guests’ travel plans (once for a wedding in Coimbatore, the company availed 120 tickets from Mumbai in the same flight by directly contacting the airlines) and accommodation (also places welcome kits in their rooms) with pick-drop from airport. Astounding decorations with backdrops like golden wonder and green hued bamboo add more life to the event. Utmost care for attire, make up and presentation is given for proper blend with decor, stage and event.
Flora’s obsession of serving clients as per their wishes is manifest from the fact that it enriches the catering services with diverse cuisines such as Punjabi, Chinese & South Indian from multiple vendors to blend with the theme. Flora refrains from establishing tie-ups with vendors, as it believes that every wedding is different in terms of personal requirements and tradition. Their updated knowledge on best vendors across spectrum, travel agency, and hotel enables it to accomplish everything within the clients’ budget scale with transparent transactions, while ensuring there is zero compromise on quality. “Everyone has a different preference. Some accentuate on food, some emphasize on lavish designing and some prefer their invitation to be the best. Hence, we allocate budget for different services according to individual priorities,” explains Reshma.

Besides leveraging technological advancement like using virtual projection of the family at the entrance for welcoming the guests, its creativity also reflects in the bride & groom entry. “We have an extremely creative team that thinks out of the box and strives to make every wedding special. Our on-site wedding assistance service lets you relax and enjoy the day while the team is managing the wedding with enthusiasm like your own family,” assures Reshma. Doubling its revenue annually, Flora is planning to open an exclusive designer wedding brand that is for design and décor specially.