Fizzy Fern: Packaged Beauty Solutions Answered in Nature

Nitasha Chopra, Sugam Mehtani &  Robin Chopra,Co-FoundersThe online cosmetic market today is in a rat-race, scaling up their e-Commerce sale that is expected to reach an anticipated annual growth of 4.3 percent ($429.8 billion) by 2022. While Cosmetic laboratories have adopted more natural ways of producing solutions to beauty care, beauty brands are adopting these formulas to sustain the beauty of its users as well as the environment. Rising to crown the market with its staunch nature-devotion, the 2017 established Fizzy Fern has already carved a significant niche in the hearts of its customers. By recognizing the all-sustaining power of nature to provide solutions to all our problems, this Faridabad-based company had launched its brand with a vision to pamper its customers with ultimate skincare essentials that nurture beauty, as well as foster nature.

“Going back to our roots and following the age-old rituals of beauty, is not merely a fad but a conscious shift towards a healthy lifestyle. We thus decided to create a company where the focus is more on making our consumer
aware and even educate them towards a healthier skin regime,” avers Nitasha Chopra, Co-Founder, Fizzy Fern. Making it big within the very first month of its launch, the company’s products received extraordinary appreciation from its customers for its effectiveness and ingenious packaging. Primarily a skincare brand that focusses on products for face, bath & body, hair, wellness and gifting, the company’s products are available on prestigious platforms like Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart, Smytten, Engrave, and many more, ensuring that every customer finds solutions to their skin flaws.

"Fizzy Fern constantly involves in R&D to understand the likes and dislikes of its customers, bringing-out perfect beauty solutions in one package"

A Customer Patriot Promoting Skincare Awareness
Fizzy Fern’s most demanded products are its SPF 30 Sunscreen which is a combination of some of the finest ingredients like Cucumber, Manjistha, Mulethi, Aloe Vera, Haldi and Methi; Instant Illumination Face-Pack that contains ingredients like Sandalwood, Fuller Earth, Aloe Vera, Vetiver and Neem; and its Bhringraj Neem and Shikakai Hair-Oil, which is a magic potion for all hair woes. These products are packed in specially developed cardboard tubes that ensure transit safety with multiple uses to stay longer on one’s dresser. Furthermore, Fizzy Fern constantly involves in R&D to understand the likes and dislikes of its customers, bringing-out perfect beauty solutions in one package.
Products free of Paraben, Sulfates, EDTAs and other harmful substances, is what makes Fizzy Fern one of the most trusted natural cosmetic brands amongst its users.

Additionally, realising that customers get confused with the complex terminologies that most companies use, Fizzy Fern embraces this golden opportunity to educate its customers by adding small informative-inserts into every package containing details on what the complex chemicals actually mean and how they can harm the skin, as well as the environment. With honesty being its secret sauce to success, the company focuses on being transparent with its customers thereby gaining their confidence and getting a fair share of positive word-of-mouth and early loyal consumers.

Market Expansion & Growth
Governed by the eagerness to understand its customers, the company is expanding its business from not just online sales, but penetrating the offline retail market in cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Existing in a space where research and trials never stop, Fizzy Fern is currently working on three core areas, namely the travel-related skin care, face-specific products and hair related solutions.