Elation Life Coaching: Helping People Reconnect with the Best Version of Themselves

Anil Bahl,  Life Coach

Anil Bahl

Life Coach

“Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes, they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen,” said Pete Carroll, a legendary American football coach. Anil Bahl, Life Coach, Elation Life Coaching, is one dedicated soul that truly manifests and follows the aforementioned context. A life coaching expert having over nine years of experience on his side, Anil is renowned as a great teacher and a mentor for his strong guiding capability, temperament, and coaching style.

In today’s advanced world full of complexity, professionals, especially senior leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs alike are struggling with severe complications like stress, hypertension, anxiety disorders, blood pressure, and much more. The outcomes of these issues are reflecting on their professional & personal life. From degradation in work performances to stress in their relationships at home, people are going through many things. Anil encountered many scenarios like these during his prior stints over a 25-year long corporate career in the IT sector. He then decided to help people gain confidence and live a better life and thus established Elation Life Coaching in 2011. Today, he is renowned in the industry for his expertise and also for his passion for helping

individuals and business leaders for their professional, business and personal growth.

Dedicated Programs
Anil is offering a number of programs that include life coaching sessions for Leadership Development, Business Growth and also programs for startups to help them explore new possibilities. Additionally, he offers a workshop for self-empowerment of hospitals, colleges, school students and teachers. Apart from that, he also provides mentoring for life coaching to people who have an interest in helping and empowering others. The sessions are customised to address the specific challenge areas and are conducted in-person as well over phone. The sessions are conducted for a period of two to six months; however, participants are seen causing new results in the first session itself. This shows the effectiveness of Anil’s programs.

Anil aims to empower individuals and teams by unlocking their true potential and guides them to achieve their chosen goals

It’s All about Belief
Anil believes that each and every human being is born with infinite potential, but the limiting beliefs are what that suppress the endless possibilities. Through his exceptional life coaching, executive coaching interventions, Anil aims to empower individuals and teams by unlocking their true potential and guides them to achieve their chosen goals by helping them overcome their obstacles and self-created subconscious level blocks. “Mostly, the limiting beliefs are acquired during our childhood and are suppressed in our subconscious mind. So, I work with people to help them realize their worth and get them free from their latent self-limiting belief system,” states Anil. Participants create amazing results in their business, profession and personal life once these limiting beliefs are released.

Anil has been working with all his dedication and has helped several business leaders, directors, CXOs, organizations and more, to achieve their goal. In the coming future, he plans to execute a new program of empowering managers as life coaches. “It is very difficult for life coaches to impact each & every individual in the organisation; so, developing life coaching abilities in managers can definitely do the work for their organizations,” concludes Anil.