Ritu Singal: The Magical Life Coach Empowering People to Rise from Ashes

Ritu Singal, Founder

Ritu Singal


As John Maxwell, an American author & a motivational speaker, once said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. A living proof of these wise words is Ritu Singal, an inspirational leader, Certified Life Coach, Trainer, Speaker and a housewife turned entrepreneur, who turned the fortunes of her company from Rs.60 Crores debts into abundant wealth. Through her powerful and transformational life story, Ritu pulls-up the people who seek her mentorship from ashes and helps them rise like a phoenix. Renowned for her transformational skills, Ritu has worked with individuals, couples and families as well in team and group setting, from adolescents to adults and old population.

Her 14 years of entrepreneurial experience and the huge battles she fought to reach the glory are par excellence. They offer an easy, result driven and proven system to stop fire-fighting and start reconstruction and growth in the middle of hopeless situations and financial crisis of corporates & entrepreneurs. She has been mentoring top managements of many institutions, corporates and startups and drives them to bring paradigm shifts in their approach to life and work. Women empowerment is yet another area where Ritu glows brightly. She is recognized as one of most sought after life coaches by women worldwide, as she has forged a stellar reputation in enabling them to take complete charge and write their own inspirational and transformation story. In fact, she has counselled and coached more than 10000 people in about 14 countries like US, Australia, UK & Nigeria, apart from India.

"My purpose of life is to awaken and unleash every life to the super power within and shine with glory in every area of their lives"

Ensuring Long-Lasting Transformation
Fondly referred as the Magical Power by her clients, Ritu has centred her practice on the premise that all have an amazing capacity for self-healing within us and she believes in the inherent potential of each human to find solution to their problems in order to fully empower to lead happy and successful lives. She made her mark in the industry with her spiritual inclination, which facilitates her to compassionately touch lives and win trust, thereby work like a catalyst for transformation. Like a medical doctor, her coaching mode leverages various techniques & tools to discover the root cause of problem which is hindering the growth. Ritu meticulously analyses initial disclosure, in-depth exploration, confession, anger and depression at the fundamental level and not at the superficial judgement level, which helps them to make the transformation a way of life.

She has been recognized and appreciated for her individualized approach in working with clients and her ability to inspire and bring about such changes in personality/leaderships abilities/coaching techniques of youth by giving motivational lecturers in various prestigious institutions nationwide. She was also a keynote speaker at Mind Space program held at India International Centre, New Delhi. She is one of the most prominent corporate senior management team trainers, catering to various organizations including Vardhman Group, Sumati Legal Advisers and Uflex.

Ritu is well-versed in working with issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, interpersonal communication, anger management, stress management, grief & loss, life transition, domestic violence, relationship issues, marital issues, corporate issues, entrepreneur skills, startups, personality development, spiritual empowerment and work performance. Furthermore, Ritu also holds workshops on regular intervals on personality development, placement skills, life skills, mental health, parenting, relationships, stress and anger management.

Beating all Odds
On the untimely tragic demise of her husband in April 2007, Ritu, though shattered, the way she took charge of troubled business left many people speechless. The group faced an outstanding loan of $10 million from banks, some real estate projects were stalled by the High Court following a Public Interest Litigation, several cases were pending in the courts, her staff were leaving, and some higher authorities even called-up on behalf of clients asking for refund of money they had invested in the projects.
Instead of throwing her hands in desperation in air, she faced each issue without retreating a single step with firm grit and determination. Her remarkable ability to smile even against all odds gave confidence to the insecure and devastated Raglan family. She carved a niche for herself in the male dominated corporate world with her resolute approach of steering things in her favour amidst the most unfavourable circumstances. Not succumbing to social pressures, she stepped out of house to prove her mettle. Knowing that to run an industry and command respect, she should be technically sound, Ritu set out on overseas trips to learn production techniques. Ritu won her employees’ trust and confidence by moving forward with calm but with dynamic disposition, which led to the acceptance of a ‘Woman’ as a leader.

Competition with Chinese products, global recession financial liabilities and legal issues were dealt adeptly with her great assets patience and focused mind. To demonstrate, Ritu spearheaded her team from front and ensured that a totally non-viable project of making synthetic leather has been brought to such a level that it could compete with countries like China presently. Thanks to her innovative spirit, the company has now ventured into European market by making ecofriendly green leather. With her fabulous endeavours and marvellous working style, she is taking the enterprise at its altitude with the dreams woven by her late husband and all Raglan family. Today, Raglan Group stands tall only due to her positive attitude and elaborative efforts.

Like a medical doctor, her coaching mode leverages various techniques & tools to discover the root cause of problem which is hindering the growth

Creating Positive Ripples
Ritu is a multifaceted personality who is not only managing day-to-day operations of group of companies and playing an incredible role for the industry’s progress, but also devotes her worthy efforts for the upgradation of society by actively participating in various social development and community service programmes. Ritu has made a difference in the lives of many by participating in such programmes including ‘a night school for slum children’ at Village Sarangpur, CRY Association, Sankalp Organisation, Udayan Shalini Fellowship, Soka Gakkai International and Rotary Club. Through her YouTube channel, Ritu Singal Life Coach, she shares motivational and inspirational videos, where she explains the most complex issues in a person’s life in the simplest manner.

She has also penned a book A Story can Change your Life, a humble attempt of conveying simple, practical and time-tested wisdom of dealing with the day-to-day problems we all encounter at home, workplace and in the society. Having received an overwhelming response, Ritu is now working on her autobiography. She has laid-out a vision to touch 100,000 lives in 2020 and create very powerful stories. “My purpose of life is to awaken and unleash every life to the super power within and shine with glory in every area of their lives like family, work, career, relationships and health, so that they can live with hope and sense of accomplishment,” concludes Ritu. Serving a very wholesome example of what a determined woman can achieve, Ritu is indeed an inspirational role model to look-up to.

Key Management:
The Managing Director of Raglan Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. as well as Winner Nippon Leatherette Pvt. Ltd., Ritu is an Independent Certified Life Coach, Teacher, Trainer & Speaker with The John Maxwell Team as well as a certified Life Coach from Coach to Fortune by Arfeen Khan. Ritu has work experience across industries (Real Estate, Manufacturing, Finance, Education, HR, Women empowerment and child abuse) and expertise in various areas of mental health, whereby countless women claim to have fought their suicidal tendencies and now are leading empowered lives.

Location: Chandigarh

•Awarded ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2011’ for Leaders of Tomorrow Awards by ET Now Pan India.
•‘Outstanding President’ for the Year 2012-13 by Rotary Distt. 3080.
•Nominated for the ‘Woman of the Year Award 2010’ by Dainik Bhaskar Group.
•‘Management Excellence Award – 2009’, awarded by the Management & Industrial Development Institute, Jallandhar.
•‘Gold Pin’ Award by the Soka Gakkai International in 2004.
•Gold Medalist in Bachelor & Masters of Law from Punjabi University, Patiala in 1989 & 1991.
•Appreciated by Governor of Haryana for her contributions to Sankalp organisation.
•Bee of the Week in 2017.

Ritu Singal in Spotlight

•Authored Book, A Story can Change your Life, which got a big response from readers in a very short span since book launch.
•Counselled and coached more than 10000 people in about 14 countries like US, Australia, UK & Nigeria, apart from India.
•‘THE INCREDIBLE YOU’ Programme leveraging various techniques, tools to discover the root cause of problem hindering the growth to ensure that the transformation becomes the way of life.