Dr. Ramon Llamba: Coaching Along the Change of Life

Dr. Ramon Llamba ,  Founder

Dr. Ramon Llamba, Founder

Life in itself is the coach of an individual. Knowledge taken from the fragments of life with the realisation of the obvious brings about an overall change in the being. Dr. Llamba's journey into energy sciences, and transformation work, started in 1994, but the decision to get certified as a life coach and business coach occurred to her in 2009 which is when she headed to America. Eventually, she received certification of a life coach from Louise Hay and her business coach degree from the American Institute of Business Psychology(AIOBP).

Golden Age Transformation is her brain child and was established in the year 1996 and its core objective is to inspire lives and transform souls. “It was my childhood dream, to help human beings live in peace and harmony, and I remember, as a small child day dreaming very often, that all human beings are living in peace and harmony, because I believed that we all have a piece of God inside us and we all are capable of living and coexisting with each other with unconditional love. My dream to make our planet a better place, led to the inception of Golden age transformation, and ever since then it’s been a long journey, acquiring the skills and knowledge to lead this organization.”, Dr. Ramon Llamba, Founder, Golden Age Transformation.

The Action Registered
Dr. Llamba’s core competence and speciality lies in the field of quantum physics, meta medicine & energy medicine. She helps people get out of depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, behavioural disorders, drug addiction, financial breakdowns, relationship breakdowns, and her approach is medicine free. It’s more of a hand holding and inner engineering approach. In each session, my prime focus and goal is to create healthy and cognitive
roadmaps for my clients to achieve the desired goals. One of her biggest strengths is her commitment levels towards client’s condition. She explains, “Most of my strategies are unique and one of a kind. Being born as a clairvoyant is one of my biggest strength, and that gives me the ability to scan my client’s auric field. Even before they tell me, what they are dealing with, I just know what’s going on in their world and the solutions are on the table. I have had many successful stories of weaning and treating Schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, financial and karmic stories with great success.”

Overcoming the Obstacles
It’s definitely challenging to be able to intricately work on people’s life patterns and transmute them. Dr. Ramon was born with the innate ability to manage this, because she truly believes it is the purpose and dharma of her life on earth. There have been challenges, which she faced while releasing negative energies and attachments, from the auric fields of her clients. Her degree in paranormal science, and quantum physics, has given her the tools and knowledge to deal with these esoteric concepts and help her clients. Since its inception, Golden Age Transformation has grown from a baby, to an adult, and Dr. Ramon truly believes that now is the time to recognize the philosophy of the company.

It has had successful corporate interventions, in countries like UAE, Doha, Indonesia, Kuwait, UK and in India. They have conducted company trainings in cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Nasik, Chennai, New Delhi and Gurgoan. She asserts, “With the inception of its one of a kind programme called ‘Life school programme’, we are targeting at transforming lives and certifying life coaches. Golden Age Transformation today has more than 5000 successful stories in the area of disease management, relationship, financial upliftment, healing depression, bipolar, schizophrenia and also any behaviour patterns correction.”

The Expertise Within
According to Dr.Ramon,this field is vast andit has taken her 23 years of consistent learning, growing, transforming and upgrading her in order to understand human consciousness, from a perspective of science & marry it with spirituality. So for anyone even
considering to enter this niche domain, it requires the right knowledge and understanding, because here, people’s lives are taken in hands during their most vulnerable conditions, and its job is to empower them, authentically and help them get a grip back in life.

In short, Golden Age Transformation, is a doctor and surgeon for life problems, stemmingfrom emotional areas, relationship areas, financial breakdowns, addiction, behavioural patterns, mental and spiritual problems, and karma. So it’s really important to know the subject of life. Dr. Ramon Concludes, “A life of true potential, only unfolds when we reach within ourselves. There is nothing out there, the whole universe of infinite possibility and potential lies within our soul, and to reach there, it’s important we go within ourselves, and believe in ourselves. Consistency, integrity and authenticity are the pillars to our success.”

Dr. Ramon Llamba
Dr. Ramon Llamba is a life & business coach based out of Gurgaon. She is a PHD in Quantum Physics which empowers her to have a deeper understanding of the laws of manifestation to create a fulfilled life. Through her experiential understanding, as a coach and motivator, she has touched the lives of many individuals and helped them find balance within themselves, what they had been seeking outside themselves.

Golden Age Transformation is a brainchild of Dr. Ramon Llamba. She has successfully trained many corporates from senior management, to sales teams in the area of emotion management, people management and has engaged in many culture exchange programs.

She has also successfully healed many patients of depression, bipolar and anxiety. Her core competence lies in helping people find solution for all the life problems they are dealing with and helps them implement the shift to create a new way of being.

She teaches practical and proven ways to create a life of true potential that is effective, balanced and fulfilling.