Dr. Amit Agrawal's Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centre: One-Stop-Centre for all Aesthetic Treatment & Surgeries

Dr. Amit Agrawal, CEOIn the world of selfies and social media, the universal desire to look good seems to be firmly entrenched on the desi shores. Most teenagers and working professionals dream of beauty and can cough-up a few thousands rupees for that surgically enhanced body or nuanced nose. Undoubtedly, these surgeries not only make you beautiful, but also help in building a better image, raise your confidence, improve mental health, encourage long-term changes and let you climb the success ladder.

Established in 2004, Dr. Amit Agrawal’s Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centre is an one-stop-centre for all aesthetic surgeries and a super-specialty centre devoted to cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and cosmetology procedures. These surgeries include skin treatments like laser hair removal, acne treatment, pigmentation, wrinkle removal, botox, fillers, microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, dermaroller, Rf needling with IPL, diode laser, and fractional laser. Besides these, the centre also offers medifacials, body polishing, hair & body spa, treatment for dark circle, skin whitening, tattoo removal,
slimming, weight loss, smart lipo and so on. In cosmetic procedures, Dr. Amit’s centre provides rhinoplasty, liposuction & abdominoplasty, breast augmentation (silicone implant), surgeries for breast reduction, ear & lip, eyelid, vagina & hymen surgery, vitiligo, mole & scar removal and others. The hair transplant treatment is also provided using the advanced FUE & FUT micro-follicular techniques in a daycare procedure done under local anesthesia. In short, everything under one umbrella that one needs to look and feel beautiful!

"Our doctors have more than 15 years of vast experiences and are well versed with recent advances and latest technologies"

Best, Latest & Safest Treatment by Experienced Doctors
Comprehending that patients can come-up with unrealistic expectation and sensitive complains & problems, the doctors at the centre give utmost importance to proper counseling & documentation, as well as interaction with the patients. “The ability of doctor to satisfy patients, and their effective communication to achieve positive behavioral changes for those undergoing aesthetic surgery &cosmetology has empowered us to provide customized services,” explains Dr. Amit Agrawal, CEO, Dr. Amit Agrawal’s Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centre.

This Aligarh-based cosmetic surgery & laser centre boasts of a team of doctors who have several years of experience in their respective fields and incorporate latest and safest surgical and non-surgical techniques in their
practices. “Our doctors have more than 15 years of vast experiences and are well versed with recent advances and latest technologies. We have super-specialists, including Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon, Anesthetist as well as Nutritionist,” speaks Dr. Amit. These doctors tune themselves from time to time to the recent advancing technology and treatments in the field of Aesthetics, which provides best and safe results to patients. Dr. Amit Agrawal’s Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Centre has been awarded as the Best Cosmetic Surgeon and Laser Specialist in Uttar Pradesh by prestigious merit award and market research organization in 2017, as well as the Icon of Health award.

Parul Agrawal, Cosmetologist
The centre is soon going to introduce innovative techniques called as medical micropigmentation and microblading which will be helpful for vitiligo patients, scars, burn, stretch marks, areola creation, mole & beauty spot creation and even permanent makeup of lips and eyebrow technique. With 100 percent growth in previous year, the centre looks forward to expand both in terms of advanced equipments and infrastructure.