Brandwala: Retail Hotspot for Global Fashion Brands at Affordable Pricing

Yashwardhan Choudhary, Dilmeet Singh Chhabra & Gagandeep Singh Chhabra,   Co-FoundersIndia’s Apparel market is expected to reach $387.3 billion by 2028, exhibiting a growth rate (CAGR) of 14.59 percent during 2023-2028 according to the Imarc Group. The fashion supply chain before the pandemic was operating at flying speed with brands being able to design a dress and sell it in under a week. The industry was evolving and expanding quickly and the fashion overproduction rate is staggering. Outdated inventory models based on predicted demand create overstocking and pollution. This calls for newer approaches such as inventory liquidation which can be utilized strategically to transform the burden of deadstock into an opportunity to provide end customers with affordable fashion clothing. Enters Brandwala.

Based out of Rajasthan and established in 2015, Brandwala is a store that is offering year-round discounts on more than 300 brands. The idea of organization was conceived to provide freshness to the retail industry through return liquidation inventory. Brandwala is on a mission to fulfil the dream of everyone who wants to wear branded clothes and footwear and make procurement easy for the end customers. Apart from clothing and footwear, the organization also offers apparel, toys, luggage, large appliances such as AC, mobile accessories,
smart watches, FMCG such as groceries, personal care, and health and beauty products. “Brandwala procures massive lots at cheap prices and is involved in the Reverse logistics business. We have over 300 brands that we supply to our retailers, franchise owners, and traders and also help new investors start their own outlet or associate with Brandwala as a distributor”, informs Yashwardhan Choudhary, CoFounder of Brandwala.

Brandwala aims to facilitate socio-economic changes by conducting a diverse community of sellers buyers & businesses

What separates Brandwala from other players in the market is the fact that it aids its associate partners to procure inventories at an affordable price. With 'brand in every pocket’ as its tagline, Brandwala helps investors by providing a ‘pick and choose’ option and also helps the retailer to rotate their inventories. The organization deals with Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, Myntra, and major e-Commerce sites to procure all return inventories at a reasonable price. Under the robust leadership of its cofounders, who bring to the table their experience from different industry verticals, the organization has managed to set up 16 outlets in India and has a gross profit of over 45 percent. “Brandwala is helping retail outlets by enhancing their existing margins and by providing 50 percent to 70 percent discounts on all major brands. This will facilitate them in fWourishing in the current market. Apart from this, we are also helping them set up their own retail setup or franchise”, adds Yashwardhan.

Brandwala's impressive portfolio includes three lakh satisfied consumers, a sprawling 1 lakh sq ft retail area, 300 brands and 1000 distributors across India. The organization is bolstering its digital capabilities by scaling up its digital base to provide an immersive experience for customers and expand its portfolio into emerging consumer segments. Brandwala assists retailers and investors with digital marketing by leveraging technology to drive growth. The organization provides franchise owners with ERP systems through which operations can become easier and help assess inventory records. For ease of use, Brandwala has streamlined the whole business across one platform. Digitalization and innovations provide opportunities for all stakeholders to create new products and services. With an annual turnover of Rs.15 crores, Brandwala has seen exponential growth in the last 8 years and aims to expand its business to every state and city in India. Through impeccable services, the organization wants to reach out to customers globally and provide highquality assured products at a reasonable price.