Alankaran Weddings: Ensuring Grand Weddings with Rich Look, Picturesque Venues, & Warm Hospitality

Chaitanya Kulkarni,FounderAn African-American bride and a North-Indian groom tied knot in an alluring aura of a diversified continental wedding, neatly and fabulously designed by their wedding planner Alankaran Weddings. Though intimidated at first by the sundry requirements of the clients, right from the religious worship of Jesus and Lord Ganesha to incorporating the traditions and customs of North India whilst adding a blend of South India (where the groom resides) and in a whole evoking the feel of a western country wedding, the Hyderabad-based Alankaran took it as a challenge, which eventually turned out to be one of its best executions.

Reciprocating the current wedding scenario in India, Alankaran Weddings is avowed to meet the expectations of its clients rendering glamorous wedding with a rich look, picturesque venues, and over-whelming hospitality & assistance, set on its vision of ‘Enriching events to perfection’ through conceptualization, innovation, and execution. Inventing new ways and ideas to embark a unique wedding
experience, Alankaran Weddings takes the entire planning of the wedding in its clutches right from confirmation of venue, designing of wedding cards, logistics, travel, and ambiance & decor, to choreography, leaving no stones unturned in ensuring complete satisfaction to its clients.

Alankaran’s rich experience negates such issues by the virtue of its eye and ear to niceties endowing its clients with all essentialities that they require, whether they mention it or not

Splendid Start to a New Life
“We spend good quality time with our clients to trace every minute detail in order to ascertain that we are in line with clients’ expectations, ascending the quality & standard of our work,” enlightens Chaitanya Kulkarni, Founder, Alankaran Weddings, illustrating how there are always few inputs that the client forgets to convey with respect to the detailing that creates a mismatch between client expectations and budget. However, Alankaran’s rich experience negates such issues by the virtue of its eye and ear to niceties endowing its clients with all essentialities that they require, whether they mention it or not.

An aficionado in the wedding industry with a strong nexus PAN India, Alankaran Weddings
always brings up to date the latest trends and customizes & conceptualizes its designs according to its customers’ aspirations because what matters most to Alankaran is its clients’ jollity on their special day. Further, the company foresees all the groundwork reality, thanks to its strong and efficient in-house departments (creative, logistics, and so on), so that even if there is any last minute pick-up, it can solve the issue without saying no to its clients. And it also follows all the safety and precautions with high priority. Further, its association with different hotels enables it to get the best price to its clients. Understanding that wedding solutions largely depends on venue, Alankaran customizes them and uses the properties of the location to blend with the theme of the wedding.

Founded in 2011, Alankaran’s team is a combination of experienced & energetic professionals dedicated to bringing innovative ideas to the table. When it comes to the management squad, the company strongly emphasizes on training its team as it believes ‘by passing knowledge you grow’. It follows an inverted flow of knowledge from top management to bottom for educating its team and better execution. With a revenue growth of 15-20 percent every year, the company aspires to be established in the international market as an international differentiator wedding planner.