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Arvind Khinvesra,   Founder

Arvind Khinvesra, Founder

When an idea is honest and transparent, its implementation always yields good results. The ability to confront the truth and help someone understand the reality of a situation is the primary duty of a transformation coach and expert. Achieve ThySelf’s prime focus and forte remains to mould a custom program by understanding a client’s requirements. “We are honest in telling the client what he doesn’t want to hear, show him what he sub-consciously turns a blind eye to, and help him achieve what he wants to. Our coaching model works on the alacarte mode. It’s not a standard model where one size fits all. We understand that each individual is different and we all have different values and beliefs. We coach based on what the coachee feels may work for him, rather than what we think is good for them,” says Coach Arvind of Achieve ThySelf.

Showing the Right Way
This coach and his company helps its clients define their challenges appropriately. It is often seen that clients are talking about the symptoms and have not really figured out the real problem. Many entrepreneurs complain about not having access to the right employees. They also complain about teams not delivering as told. But on further analysis, it becomes clear that it is not the team member who is a problem. The problem is, more often than not, with the business owner himself, who usually does not communicate the expectations in a way that the team member understands. “Instead of working on the specific team member for his communication, commitment,
accountability, etc. (as it appears in
the mind of client), we help him realize the real growth area is clients communication. He needs to communicate in a way the other person understands, not the way he personally assumes it to be,” states Coach Arvind.

"Achieve ThySelf determines the goal that the client wants to achieve and understands his perspective of the business goal"

Overcoming the Obstacles
Some of the common challenges clients face are based on interpersonal relationships. With the business growing, managing time and delegating effectively stops the personal skill growth. One of the biggest challenges for the clients, which they have to be made to realize, is the “client himself”. Generally, his biggest challenge is his perspective of people and circumstances. Coach Arvind asserts, “Our endeavour is make our clients take off their unidirectional lenses and look at things from multiple perspectives. This helps them understand the whole picture instead of accepting their perception of it. We then help them create and action plan that they feel comfortable working with. This is the process: help them break their plan into specific actionable tasks, address the challenges that they foresee, and help them figure ways to tackle the issues. This makes clients comfortable to take up this new journey and start moving towards their goal.”

The Way to Function
Achieve ThySelf determines the goal that the client wants to achieve, understanding his perspective of the business goal. Most times, though the common goal is clear, people have different views of the same. Makoba, one of Achieve ThySelf’s clients, has three partners. All of them aimed to increase their business by 500 percent in the next five years and they were all working towards it. However, on further digging, using our tools, we found they all had a different perspective of 500 percent. One talked of increasing revenue, another visualised a
500 percent growth in net profit. Though, on the face of it, it looked as if they had the same goal, in reality, they were all running in different directions.

Having determined a common goal, the next step is to identify what resources are required to achieve these goals. The sources include money, people, skills, products, services, and everything that can contribute to the growth. The next step is to determine what resources are available and the ones that need to be acquired. This forms the basis of the action plan to achieve these goals. Milestones are set to track performance and correct the course, if required. “Another client, a 54-year-old firm, was looking at creating a vision for their organization. My role was to facilitate this discussion amongst eight partners who belonged to two generations and help them see the same future in all aspects,” says Coach Arvind.

The Final Message
Expressing the good will of Achieve ThySelf and some valuable lessons on life, Coach Arvind concludes, “Everyone needs a coach. Roger Federer and Sachin Tendulkar needed one too. Not because they were not good. But, to reach the top and stay there. One needs someone who can see the kink in your armour and suggest ways to work over those weaknesses. As they say, “God gave us wonderful pair of eyes to see the world. Only we can’t see ourselves with them. Make a coach your eyes to observe yourself and get set to capture the world.”

Arvind Khinvesra, Founder, Achieve ThySelf
Inaddition to this personal development program, Coach Arvind has been facilitating Corporate trainings for Executives and Leadership Development. With an experience of 22 years in manufacturing and IT, and interacting with people on the shop floor to CIO's while leading teams in USA, China, Brazil, and India, Coach Arvind is able to bring value to the trainings with real life examples.