• Aromatic Healing of Mind, Body and Soul
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    Aromatic Healing of Mind, Body and Soul

    The present industry scenario states that the world's total production of essential oils is almost 100,000 ­ 110,000 tons, to which India contributes a whopping percentage of 16-17 percent. With this contribution, it places the country in the third position, and in value terms, India's position is number 2 with the share of 21-22 percent due to the uplifting mint revolution of North India. This tremendous growth of the essential oils industry is delineated to the increased use of the oil types in various fractions like flavor and fragrance, aromatherapies, and many more. In addition to this, the healing properties of essential oils are predicted as one of the foremost factors for the ever-increasing sales of essential oils. Moreover, a wide-scale adoption of essential oils in the...


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