India Based MSP (Managed Services provider) Outperforming Global Competitors

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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in disruptions in various sectors such as agriculture, textile, aviation or automobile, etc. The outbreak has brought the economy of the country to its knees. But the IT sector has managed stay afloat and become a leader during these difficult times.

The work-from-anywhere culture, technological advancement, rising competition and most importantly the pandemic situation have made it more challenging than ever to run a business. With the enhanced aspects of business operations managing unpredictable expenses and their complexity under a single umbrella becomes back-breaking and hefty. This is where managed service providers (MSP) serves as a replacement in the market.

Managed service providers (MSP) ease the pressure off the company as they handle one or more company's functions and at the same time enhance the efficiency and accountability. This trend is growing because companies can reap many rewards. MSP handles the often time-consuming, complex, repetitive, and vigorous work involved.

What is a Managed Service Provider?
A Managed Service Provider offers managed services to end-users and organizations on a proactive basis. It is an outsourced third-party company that manages and assumes the responsibility of providing day to day services to the customers. Today, almost all companies use computers, many find it difficult to handle computer or network-maintenance activities, such enterprises can avail the services offered by an MSP.

Indian MSP's have developed strong documentation strategies for their clients in providing managed services, one is bound to encounter situations that don't have a `standard fix'

MSPs have been in action since the 1990s but only responsible for remote IT infrastructure management but now with the advancement of technology, their portfolio of services have been expanded. MSP's have become an integral part of the progressive IT companies.

The requisite services that managed service providers provide are-
● Payroll management
● HR management
● Finding the right candidates, Helpdesk
● Systems operations
● Disaster management
● IT services
● Cloud computing, mobility, and IoT
● Predictive analysis
● Network monitoring and more

When you have outsourced your managed services, you can then focus on your core business - such as your direction, strategies, and growth, instead of being bogged down by administrative work. A managed service provider can handle one or more aspects, especially the supporting areas so that the businesses can focus on its core competencies. Managed Service Providers guarantee round-the-clock network protection by using sophisticated network monitoring tools. MSPs greatly improve business operations as they are equipped with efficient backup and disaster recovery plan. People having general mindset that MSP’s are usually expensive and a drain on resources. As per conventional wisdom people believe in house operation are always cheaper than outsourcing but conventional wisdom forgets to discount the cost of time involved in carrying out repetitive routine functions.

Therefore MSP’s serve as a efficient option for carrying out routine functions. Nowadays the cost of setting up and maintaining an IT infrastructure is too high, especially if you are a small business operating with limited resources. Also you have to keep on investing additional amounts in order to keep the systems updated. So eventually you will be developing expertise in non-core areas. MSPs are considered to be a strategic method feasible for enhancing daily enterprise-related operations and doing so companies can avoid the direct cost of managing the program themselves.

Indian MSP have a greater focus on partnership i.e. they act as a partner who understands the business goals of their customers and are better equipt to improve their partner’s business strategically. Indian MSP’s are more willing to conduct in depth discoveries to understand and provide tailored solutions to their customers. Whereas their foreign counterparts are limited by barriers such as language, regional location and culture, the foreign MSP’s are unable to conduct in depth reviews of the needs of their customer businesses.

Indian MSP’s have developed strong documentation strategies for their clients in providing managed services, one is bound to encounter situations that don’t have a ‘standard fix.’ And therefore a good MSP should document those issues as and when they arise. Foreign MSP’s also create documentation for any out of the box problem but their approach is more systematic and passive as compared to their Indian counterparts.

Indian MSP’s are comparatively more proactive in monitoring and anticipating the next problem for their customers as compared to their foreign peers. They are more cost effective as they provide a host of services for minimum cost whereas foreign MSP’s are downright expensive.

Due to the current geo political scenario the governments worldwide are focusing on storing their data within their borders thereby pushing their companies for using localised data centres and MSP’s. Indian MSP’s are having localised data centres within Indian localised data centres within India thereby having a comparative advantage over their foreign peers.

Indian MSP’s are better than foreign MSP because they understand Indian business needs better than foreign players, they are more proactive, provide cost effective solutions and provide localised data centres.

In the big picture, it is clearly indicated that not only have the Indian MSPs been working with the leading international clientele but also outperforming the global competitors, which have been leading the industry for long. According to the experts, the managed services market is anticipated to witness a CAGR of 11.27% over the forecasted period of 2020 to 2025, of which Indian MSPs are going to be a trendsetter.