Skills that Employers are Looking for Job in Hospitality Sector

Nihar Mehta, Corporate HR Manager, Sarovar Hotels & Resorts Nihar is responsible for human resources and management of employee development policies and systems at Sarovar. Prior to joining Sarovar, he had worked in Ravi Jaipuria Corporation.

Hospitality is a highly people-oriented business. Service forms the core of any hotel and its employees are the backbone of the establishment. A career in hospitality can be vast and demanding, however it can also be one of the most satisfactory career options. Today’s travelers are very informative and well versed withthe global trends. They expect the best experience right from the time of booking the hotel to the check out. It is essential for each employee to be open to constantly adapting to change and placing the needs of the guests at the forefront of every decision. Whether it is the Housekeeping, F&B, rooms or the front office division you are interested in, here are five skills that are vital in making your way to a successful career in hospitality.

Commitment & Enthusiasm
Delivering on expectations & standards set by employers & management is an essential skill required at work place. You must be committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and ensure that guests are happy and satisfied. Those who are successful in this business are enthusiastic about their jobs and strive to do the best work possible. Positive and good work behaviors are
also important,including factorssuch as punctuality, attendance, attentiveness, and completion of tasks as per assigned.

"A career in hospitality can be vast and demanding, however it can also be one of the most satisfactory career options"

Geographical & Cultural Awareness
Indians are travelling like never before. Additionally, India is seeing a strong growth in inbound tourism. Travellers, nowadays, like exploring out and often going for offbeat experiences. Everyday you will be encountering people from different places and having varied interests. A strong understanding in geography and locations, and cultural attractions can assist you in serving and interacting better with your guests. It can help feel your guests at ease which is a crucial aspect in hospitality and elevate overall guest experience at the hotel.

Soft Skills
Development of soft skills is imperative in this industry. Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, grooming, and people’s skills are mandatory during hiring and during one’s work tenure as well. To be successful in hospitality, one must develop these requisite skills, as the very nature of hospitality is to provide spectacular guests experience.

As in any other jobs, a career in hospitality means working well within a team and being a productive member of the team. Key abilities required include being able to work effectively as a team member through taking instructions form others and under standing your own role in servicing the needs of the hospitality customer. Your other team members should feel supported by you, as you work together to achieve one common goal.

Technical Skills & Formal Training
Sound technical skills are an asset for a fresher, as well as an experienced candidate. Having the correct formal training and qualifications is essential when attempting to progress within it. There are various colleges and institutes offering different courses in hospitality ranging from hotel management courses with specializations to skills for computer reservation systems, sales & marketing, advertising and so on. Since hotels follow strict regulations, a formal training ensures that employees reflect its high standards.