How PR Helps Build Your Brand Equity

Poonam is a Delhi based Woman Entrepreneur, Author, Tedx Speaker, Founder of PR & Brand Promotion firm Apexx Media (Brand Creators) and first-ever innovative Global Apexx PR Pool.

I 've spent over 17 years in the media and corporate sector, and I've noticed that no strategy produces a higher response than public relations. In an age of performance marketing, tracking ROI, and attribution, explaining PR's contribution to growth is not an easy conversation. Nevertheless, when done right, PR can build brand equity and connections with customers, buyers, and investors alike. Let's explore how PR plays a key role in reaching out to different stakeholders and building brand equity in the market to attract investors. As the Founder of a PR firm, I've found that no matter what size the company is whether it's a big-box chain or a small startup company – PR is about managing what others think and feel about who you are and presenting the information in the best possible light. Your primary goals should remain the same, regardless of whether you're working with an in-house or outside PR team: Communicate important company information, maintain your brand's image, and minimize any negative publicity.

The distribution of your brand's achievements and news through a press release can improve your search engine optimization and ensure that your brand comes up in top search results

Attract Retail Partners/Investor
As a result of my pursuit of omnichannel distribution, I've realized that the best pitch to new account buyers is the one that speaks for itself, which is press. Those in business are always on the lookout for new products that will expand their category and bring more customers into the store, as well as for brands that have a clear plan for growth. Therefore, when they Google your company, they can find answers to their questions in your press release. At this point, the press and media enter the picture. The distribution of your brand's achievements and news through a press release can improve your search engine optimization and ensure that your brand comes up in top search results. There is no such thing as too much or too little news. Your experience, new product or service ranges, mergers, acquisitions, growth numbers, human resource support mechanisms, new offers, and development. The brand's momentum and growth will speak for themselves. Your news or article can serve as an effective marketing tool for your case and build bridges with your potential clients and stakeholders.

Attract Customers/Clients
Despite the world of ‘pay to play’, I'm a firm believer in organic public relations - the tried-and-true media relationships that produce awesome company features and product roundups. Establish mutually beneficial relationships by researching and interacting with editors and writers to learn more about their projects and needs. Then, customize your pitch to match their needs. As organic coverage can lead to increased sales and new customers.

Attract Investors
Bringing in experienced investors who can help brand navigate and finance the new world is a path many marketers, pick for themselves. In that situation, one of the most important ways to attract investors and foster those conversations is the art of storytelling. What story has your company been telling the world? How have you been sharing that? Investors crave a good story and the validation that reporters have latched onto it as well to create buzz. Telling your story doesn’t have to be shooting for the cover of the leading big publication. It’s about finding the right outlet, the right reporter and telling the authentic parts of what makes your company unique.

This is how strategically implemented PR help you creating favorable conditions for sustainable business growth and building brand equity.