Enhance Your Business with Numerology

Aashna DdhannakFounder, Director & OwnerEnlightening LifestyleWhen your intellect is at a state of ease & stillness, the creator communicates with us through the Numerical Symbols, as they hold remarkable significance in your progress and prosperity in life says Ashna Ddhannak (Numerologist & Founder of Enlightening Lifestyle – Miind Wellness Boutiique). Numerology is a time-honoured & fascinating science of numbers & alphabets with great symbolic meanings that has been perennial as the ancient culture & civilization itself. Though no one knows its precise origination, it has been predominantly been practiced in India since more than 5000 years ago as per the Vedic scriptures. Even the Greeks, Egyptians and Hebrews have been pioneers in their own ways to create different theories and concept of Numerology, which are extensively practiced till date across the world.

Studying of these numbers & phrasing set of Alphabets, creates a vibratory influence that gives you a better understanding about yourself, world and the life in general. Have you been facing too many challenges with business, career, money, relationships, health & an overall downward spiral in life? Then Numerology is the answer & a channel to uplift you to perform your maximum potential for living the best possible life.
One must have observed that there is something alluring and charismatic about someone who has done a Name correction either for self or their Business, as it’s a powerful and significant calculation of Numbers that has helped people to rise up to heights & achieve colossal progress & prosperity in their life. As per Ashna Ddhannak, each of the number holds a certain power & each alphabet has a secret number with a Mystical element in it that has the powerful vibrations to either bestow you with a crowning victory or beckon you with hardships & setbacks.

Research has found that if the correlation between alphabets & numbers is paired at its best, then it can bring the stroke of good luck and turn around your time for a phenomenal fortune in life by twisting your negative attitude into a positive one making you feel proactive and a right decision maker for gaining overall success in life. Let’s see below as to how Numerology can be implemented in your Business & Work arena to thrive and rise your enterprise with a new height altogether.

If you are planning to open a new venture/company altogether or even if your existing business is not doing very well or facing numerous challenges & unable to move ahead, then its best advised by Ashna Ddhannak to get the name of your business checked & calculated as per the principles of Numerology, as there are chances that the grand total of the business Name number may be fluctuating at a very low-scale energy & may be vibrating with a inauspicious number.

Now comes the competence, mastery and wisdom of an expert Numerologist who will check the entire charts of the person’s Name along with the Company/Venture name coupled with certain additional details like the nature of the business project and others to work-out the best vibrating total of their existing Brand Name/particulars and so on, by adding or modifying their current Business name spelling that will help to make it highly effective, rewarding & evolving from its current space into a prosperous zone.

Numerology is also a great management tool for selecting and placement of manpower as it helps in gauging a person’s personality, their positive & negative characteristics that can help the recruiters to evaluate their strengths & weaknesses much before they actually hire the individual & this phenomena can greatly help an organisation to save its resources in terms of time, money & efforts which could have otherwise lead to high turnaround of the work force of any establishment.

Implementing Business Numerology at your work creates a natural source of good luck and a shield against any harsh negative energy says Ashna Ddhannak. Your Business product names should carry such magical alphabets, which can create a powerful intensity that helps to forge a positive environment and at the same time is easily able to crack great business deals. Business Numerology also protects the company or institution by creating a positive aura with the help of cosmic energies as it helps the associates, employees and the top directors or owners to become good decision makers.