Design with Function, the New Lifestyle Cookware

Suresh Venugopal, CEO, AMC IndiaGood cookware is the ticket to lifelong delightful and easy cooking. It is the base for building on your kitchen needs and requires keen consideration when buying. One is confused with multiple choices in design functionality, ease of use and styles. It is important to ensure cookware we choose is functional, easy to use, of good quality, healthy to cook in and look good in the pantry especially if you have an open style kitchen.

The need for enhanced convenience in the household is driving rapid growth in demand for innovation in cookware. Amplified urbanization, the proliferation of nuclear families and technological innovations has made the market extremely attractive and brought significant changes in the nature of cookware products. Kitchen tools, cookware and accessories are no more just a functional household item. With rise in creative design homes and living, the simple pot, pan and cutlery have got a makeover. Inspiration is found across colours, aesthetics, cultures and more to curate and collect a unique assemblage. Customers are experimenting with metals and forms with attractive handles and accessory designs to add allure to everyday cooking.
The new trend of - kitchen to dining, has individuals scouting for stylish cookware which seamlessly transforms to serve ware.

With evolving customer mindsets, the choice of how they equip homes has also altered. What was first a buying decision stirred by tradition, has now inspired new entrants with technological advances. Resource-saving features are on the prime position of buyer’s wish list. With depleting resources and environmental damage, the cookware industry has stepped up to include energy saving appliances and cookware with heat control minimizing the amount of energy utilized when cooking. Few cookware companies are experimenting with AI technology to automate its turn on and turn off switch further enabling a ‘green’ solution to everyday gastronomy.

Besides new advances, individuals are also on a lookout for healthier cooking options to optimize their diet requirements. Optimized cooking which retains food’s nutrition and flavour are the upcoming innovation peg globally. Consumers desire quick, easy, efficient and nutritious meals each time which has set them on a quest to discover and adopt cookware that has ‘green’ certified innovations for enhanced cookery. Alongside optimized cooking, individuals are also opting forcast iron in personal kitchens or going back to earthen wear and quality stainless steel for the best quality, design and functional cookware. Stainless steel is a forerunner among other options considering its ease of use and cleaning, heat distribution properties and longevity.

The cookware industry is proposed to grow at around 21 percent annually, owing to the awareness and interest garnered through reality TV shows, digital media and retail. With every passing year, though there are new and improved options in the market, with a little research, product understanding and requirement analysis, one can efficiently choose the best possible options for healthy yet delightful cooking of a lifetime.