Self-Care: Caring & Nurturing Oneself

Shirish P. Murkute, Director, SPA.ce the Spa SPA.ce the Spa is a quintessential relax & rejuvenative center which provides a wide range of services like Massage Therapies, Body Polish, Facial using non-synthetic products and many more with customized spa deals and spa packages for men, women, and couples.

Since more than three decades now, India’s employment and business market in all sectors had exploded to create new opportunities, career growth and wealth creation. But individual’s life has been more stressful with extended work hours, meeting deadlines, constantly improving skills through learn, while you work programs, commuting distance to work place, everyday road traffic challenges and personal commitments. Most of us are engaged for almost 12-16 hours workday leaving us with very less time to think about self-health, self-care and personal time. Needless to mention, pollution of various kinds add agony to the prevailing hectic life leading to body soreness, mental fatigue, increased stress, anxiety and obesity affecting our day-to-day life.

Caring and nurturing for oneself play a vital role to keep both physically and emotionally fit. Self-care also helps oneself to have more intimate relationship with self and near & dear. Though there is a long list to caring oneself like meditation, nutritious diet, yoga, exercise and many more, it’s worth to add a spa day to it. A good spa, offers you to be connected with all five senses which helps you to relax and rejuvenate both your body and mind. Spa is a place where you are with yourselves in a Dhyana mode. Spa offers a great deal of services to choose from like massage therapies, skin exfoliation, and facial, which has been in effective use for centuries now. A way of treating several ailments, it is considered one of the most convenient and enjoyable ways of relieving oneself from physical ailments and stress.

Is it easy to find a spa? Yes, there are
a lot of spas and some in the name of spa in all cities and most towns of India; while it’s harder to find a quality one. It’s recommended to go through review sites or gather information from spa goers to identify a quality spa around the place you live. You shall also just walk-in to check on the hygiene, ambience, skill level of masseuse/masseurs, services offered, products being used and facilities available like shower room, steam, and so on. Once you’re able to find a quality spa, it is also important to know how to choose a therapy.

Caring and nurturing for oneself play a vital role to keep both physically and emotionally fit. Self-care also helps oneself to have more intimate relationship with self and near & dear

Lifestyle of an individual is the most crucial one to choose the therapies and offerings by the spas. It is recommended to take massage if working in sectors that requires you to work for long hours of dedication at work, irregular shifts, undergo a lot of physical & mental stress; if you are with chronic issues like migraine, arthritis, constant back & neck aches. Replacing painkillers, excess of which could harm the body, massages help relieve pain without any side effect. Massages are not only useful in terms of rejuvenation, but boosts performance by improving flexibility and muscle health. If you insomniac or sleep deprived, massages help to reduce anxiety and increase deep sleep. Even if you don’t fall under any of the above, would still need massages to improve blood circulation and boost overall health. You may opt from regular head & foot massage, full-body therapies to a half-day spa package depending upon the need. It is always a good idea to consult with an expert masseuse and find-out what is best for your body.

Pollution, working inside air-conditioned environment, excess exposure to sun, change in weather leaves our body and face with uneven skin tone. To help revitalize your skin, it is suggested to go for once in a month body scrub and/or wrap and a facial. There are educational material available on the internet about each kind of massages, scrub & wrap, facial and products. We suggest you to read them if you are a first timer to spa. Most of us think spa is an expensive affair! In India, Spa industry is in its nascent stage and hence it appears to be expensive. This perception can be overcome if we consider self-care and preventive health is important for our life. Most spas come-out with attractive offers, membership packages and sell vouchers through aggregators.

Finally, if organizations consider self-care as an important employee engagement aspect, it will improve the quality of life of their employees, which will help to increase productivity. In the recent times, corporates who have taken self-care seriously are operating spa within their premises apart from regular fitness sessions. This helps their employees to reduce stress and increase productivity. Some corporates who cannot afford to have a regular spa inside their premises arrange for spa day twice a year or has a tie-up with spa at subsidized rates or through gift cards.