More Individuals Switch to Astrology in the Recent Past

Describing himself as one coming from lower-middle class family, Puneet has changed the face of astrology in India.

The demand for astrology services has soared high ever in the year 2020. People have been spending time on improving their cooking skills, making Instagram reels, and connecting with astrologers online. From relationship scare to concerns surrounding health; from business failures to disturbance in marriage, people have a lot going on in their lives and they want to know about their future.

The business of online Astrology consultation has increased by more than 50 percent in revenue, since the year started. Due to uncertainty around love, relationships, career, business, and health, there was very less we could do. Hence, they go to an Astrologer to get some direction in life and take informed decisions.

With urbanization, the youth was moving away from Astrology as there was no access to good Astrologers in metro cities as compared to having a known astrologer in the neighborhood. However, with online Astrology, youth has been able to find a lot of meaning & it is helping them as a medium of counselling. It has become very easy to connect with an Astrologer and vent out everything that was going wrong in their lives and get to know how things would turn out to be in future.

Although online Astrology had been doing, however, it was during the health crisis, it got all the attention of the customers. While the demand for psychologists has also increased, in a country like India people prefer going to an Astrologer instead as that’s what our parents had been doing. With the increasing uncertainty, need for Astrology websites has also increased.
Is there any difference in customer behaviour & their queries, then and now?
Until last year, Astrology websites were getting more than 90 percent of the business from love & relationship related issues and these same customers would later ask about other issues related to career, finance, health and others.

However, now, the trend has shifted. Along with love & relationship issues, people are more concerned about the stability of their career, business & finances because of the uncertainty. They want to know if they would not be fired from the job or will their business survive this year. As of this day, more than 30% of the queries are related to the stability in career.
Love & relationship queries have also increased during the these trying times as people are very stressed & frustrated while sitting at home, and it has increased the tension between couples.

Although online Astrology had been doing, however, it was during the health crisis, it got all the attention of the customers

The Indian spiritual market is assessed to be over $40 billion (Rs 2.97 lakh crore), as per media reports. Out of this, the horoscope reading market in India alone is $10 billion (Rs 74,500 crore), with over 2 million practicing astrologers.

Other than this, another major reason behind the growth of Astrology Industry is that the aggregator websites have a mechanism to rate an Astrologer, which helps in filtering out all the fake and self-proclaimed Astrologers and the customers can connect with the best Astrologers of the world. It has brought back the lost trust of the customers in this ancient science of India, which was getting a bad reputation because of some money-minded fake astrologers.

Today, Astrology has not just gained back the trust of the customers but has made them fall in love with the concept of chatting with an Astrologer. It has been observed that the websites have a phenomenal repeat rate of 13 in a year, which means a customer who uses the app once, uses it every month. They tend to discuss anything & everything with an Astrologer before taking a decision. Just like big businessmen like Mukesh Ambani, today everyone has his/her personal Astrologer available on Astrology apps.