Gaining Trust Overseas - How Indian Organic Beauty Products Are Ruling Worldwide

Ms. Upma Kapoor, Founder Teal & TerraWhere the global beauty and skincare industry is concerned, one of the most defining trends which fueled its growth was the turn to ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. With consumers becoming more conscious and rising disposable incomes leading to greater money to spend, pure and organic beauty products came to top the charts. In fact, it would not be far-fetched to say that the future of skincare looks ‘greener’ than ever, and this bodes extremely well for the burgeoning Indian organic beauty and skincare industry as well.

India has a growing cosmetics and skincare market which is touted to be the fifth largest in the world by 2025. Add to this the fact that a reliable market research company identified India as one of the top exporters of cruelty-free cosmetics. These only point towards the fact that India has become a popular destination for the world when it comes to natural and organic beauty and skincare products. The appeal of products made from all-natural formulations containing such exotic ingredients as coconut oil, honey, turmeric, neem, saffron, apricot kernel, rose water and the likes, is ever-growing. What has made this possible is a series of developments in the industry.

Conscious Consumption
It is important to state at the very outset that one of the driving factors for the popularity of Indian organic beauty and skincare products the world over is the rising consciousness of consumers. Spearheaded by millennials across the world, there has been a surge in the demand for unique and natural products which are environment friendly and at the same time give an entirely new experience as compared to the mass-produced chemical formulations. Indian organic beauty and skincare industry has been quick to capitalize on this trend, offering a wide range of organic products that offer an even wider range of benefits.

Free Products
Indian organic skincare and beauty products are formulated from a wide variety of flora available on the subcontinent which gives these products an entirely positive repute. Given that nowadays more and more consumers are looking for chemical-free options for skin and haircare,
Indian organic products certainly look more appealing. Consumers are increasingly looking for products that do not carry harmful chemicals and toxins which they realize are harmful to their skin as well as to the environment. This is why products made from natural and organic ingredients are in high demand as compared to products containing mineral oils, parabens, and other such chemicals.

Glowing results
Another major concern that has been driving the popularity of Indian organic skincare and beauty products among global consumers is the spate of allergic reactions. Toxic chemicals in the formulations of cosmetics are making consumers shy away and turn to products which bear the label of natural and organic. With third-party verification from leading agencies, Indian organic skincare products are offering all-natural and clean solutions which are gentle on the skin and much more effective in giving the desired results.

Ayurveda at the forefront
What is perhaps driving the demand for Indian organic beauty products in the global market is the perceived benefits of Ayurveda. People everywhere believe in the power of the natural formulations of Ayurveda and with this being harnessed for organic skincare and beauty products by Indian brands, the demand for Ayurvedic products has increased. With the Indian government also doing its bit through the Ministry of Ayush and various initiatives, globally, the knowledge and awareness of these Ayurveda-based products has also enhanced significantly.

The Startup Trend
Another major reason Indian organic beauty and skincare brands are now available worldwide is the spate of startups in the segment. Drawing on the wealth of flora in the subcontinent, these startups are offering a range of innovative products for head to toe care. That these products address a host of issues such as haircare, skincare, anti-ageing, etc., all in a natural and organic avatar further makes them desirable buys for consumers around the world who are looking for something that actually works without any adverse side effects.

The tech boost
Thanks to technology, consumers the world over now have awareness about the abundance of benefits that Indian organic beauty products have to offer. Social media has become an excellent platform for promotion of Indian organic beauty products and brands and consumers can also look up the World Wide Web to research on the plethora of benefits being offered by the ingredients used in the making of these products. The latter is also a boost when it comes to verifying the authenticity of products. Moreover, with e-commerce and global shipping offered by some of the Indian organic beauty brands, consumers from around the world can now get genuine organic skincare products delivered right to their doorstep.

World over, the beauty business is booming and there is space for more players offering innovative products to appeal to consumers in the new century. The Indian organic beauty and skincare industry has taken well to this boom, carving a niche for itself in the world with refined products that promise not just glowing skin, but also a wholesome rejuvenating experience. Consumers looking for healthy, glowing skin are increasingly coming to the realization that instead of factory- and mass-produced chemical-based products, natural organic products are the way ahead.